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E-lites Starter Kit Full review | Reviewed by Vapers

E-lites review – The Brand
E-Lites have been around for a long time and are well-known amongst vapers. They have a great reputation and have been consistently producing some of the top beginner E-Cigarettes for the last few years. Reports and reviews on E-Lites are almost always very positive, and so I wanted to try them for myself.

My Experience with E-lites
I decided to take a look at one of E-Lites’ starter kits – the E-Lites Original Full kit, to be precise – and I was pleased to receive it via courier just a couple of days after I had ordered it. The whole package was more functional than fashionable, which will suit many since the case to carry the cigarettes in is strong and durable. I put in the carts I received with the starter kit (2 of them) and headed out.

E-Lites Original Full Kit

E-Lites Original Full Kit

I had read that the battery would last quite long, and this turned out to be the case – it lasted me a couple of days of vaping fairly regularly before it warned me it needed to be recharged. The recharging was easy too, because I just used the USB charger while I happened to be on my computer. With the long-lasting battery, you have various opportunities through the day to recharge it, although a second battery have been a nice bonus. I always like to have a spare battery with me when I am vaping because the times when they run out can sneak up on you, so it is worth considering purchasing an additional one. Now for the product itself…

Visit site E-lites review – Product and Kit

The starter kit I ordered cost me only £14.99 and, while appearing quite very basic, included everything you need to try vaping – 2 carts, a USB charger, a battery and case. As you can guess, for this price you can only get a very basic kit which will be a decent choice for total beginners who just want to try an e-cig. However, if you are more serious about vaping and are looking for larger starter kits with more options (more flavours, nicotine strengths, PCCs etc), I would recommend you to check out our V2 Cigs or JacVapour reviews. Okay, back to the E-Lites packaging.. I don’t know why, but I really like E-Lites style – it reminds me of Marlboro Red so much.. Am I the only one?

E-lites review – Battery Life

The E-Lites Original starter kit comes with their new G9 battery. We were very happy with the way this battery performs. There was no need for extra puffing to get the battery warmed up. It gave a very good response with each puff of the e-cig. The batteries are a bit on the smaller end of e-cig batteries. This gives it a more realistic resemblance to a traditional cigarette. The standard tip of the battery is green and lights up with each puff you take. You can buy tips in other colours if you would like. The standard tip is green to help alleviate confusion in public. Another nice feature about the tip is that it will start to flash when the battery is low. This way you are always aware of when you need to charge the battery.

e-lites battery

E-Lites Battery

As I mentioned before, the batteries are quite small. For this reason, if you are a heavy user you will need to charge your battery quite frequently. It seems that batteries last for about the equivalent of 20 to 30 tobacco cigs. So if you are a heavy user you will probably want to keep a spare battery with you. After about 200 to 300 times of charging the battery you will need to buy a new one, because the battery will no longer hold a charge.  The G9 is easy to charge using the USB charger.

E-lites review – Vapour / Thorat Hit
Two good things about the vapour with this E-Cig was that it hits your throat straight away, meaning it feels something like a real cigarette, without somehow needing to pump the vapour through, and the amount of “smoke” is quite impressive too, which enhances that feeling of smoking a real cigarette. I really enjoyed the feeling of this product, since it took me back to the days of smoking cartons of cigarettes without all the health issues that come with them.
E-lites review – Taste / Flavours

E-Lites has a very smooth flavour about them. There are only 3 flavours/nicotine strengths available, which I really disliked. At the moment they offer Regular (2.4%, Menthol (1.6%) and Light (1.6%) flavours/strengths. Since I prefer reducing my nicotine intake with time, I find this quite disturbing. Also price for their refills are huge.. 5 cartridges from E-Lites will cost you £17.99 despite very limited flavour and nicotine strength options. If you want to compare it with other top brands, here are their prices: From V2 Cigs you can get 5 premium carts for £8.99. 5 cartridges from JacVapour will cost you £6.99 and 4 carts from Go Vype will cost you £5.99.. As you can see E-lites wont be the best choice if you are planning to vape long-term. If you just want to try the feel of vaping and maybe never touch it again, E-lites will be a good choice.

E-Lites claim that their tips last for an equivalent of 40 traditional cigarettes. Keep in mind that their quotes are under ideal conditions, we didn’t feel that they lasted quite as long as E-Lites claims they would. The e-cig does have a very realistic throat hit and good vapour production. Worth to mention that there are discounts for buying multiple packs, which is nice and I would recommend taking advantage of those if you are planning to stick with E-Lites for a while.

e-lites cartridges

E-Lites Cartridges (E-Tips)

E-lites review – Warranty/Return Policy

E-Lites offers a warrant of varying length depending on the product being covered. All products covered under warranty are replaced or repaired based on E-Lites discretion. Replacement or repair of an item is restricted to no more than 3 times during the life time of the product. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs incurred and any complaints or claims should be emailed to E-Lites. All warranties start from the date of purchase. Keep in mind that warranty does not cover any faults resulting from misuse, improper maintenance, use of alternative chargers or charger adapters etc. More about warranty you can read on their site.

All charging equipment is covered under a 12 month warranty. The G9 batteries are covered by warranty for 6 months.

E-Lites also has a 7-day money back guarantee on all unopened items, as long as they are in resale condition. This means they must not be made-to-order items or damaged. Any items damaged while shipping must be reported the next day and can be returned within 30 days. The money back guarantee is not valid for any items which have been opened, used or otherwise tampered with by the customer. The customer is responsible for the shipping costs both to return the item and the original shipping of the item. So the money back guarantee does not include shipping unfortunately.

E-lites review – Discount Coupons
E-Lites’ Original Full Pack is quite reasonably priced at £14.99, but you can get this even cheaper with our discount code:

We are sorry, but at the moment there are no active discount codes available.

E-lites review – Conclusion
Overall, I would recommend E-Lites for total beginners, who are not yet sure if they want to vape in long-term. As I mentioned earlier, kit is decent and well priced, however refills are very expensive. If you are more serious about vaping, maybe JacVapour or V2 cigs will fit you better. The most impressive thing about this kit was how realistic they have managed to make their e-cigarettes – in taste, throat hit and appearance. If you are looking for an E-Cig that will feel as much like a genuine cigarette as possible, then E-Lites is a great choice. The battery life is really good and if you invest in a second battery, you will rarely find yourself stuck without a charged E-Cig. Another slight downside, for me, is the lack of flavours and nicotine strengths available, but then if you enjoy the taste of regular tobacco cigarettes, you will find that this isn’t an issue.

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