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E-Cigarette Etiquette Guide Released

In the United Kingdom, where vaping is widely accepted as a safer alternative to smoking, there has been some recent focus on another aspect of vaping: etiquette. With vaping allowed in some public places where smoking is not, etiquette experts decided the UK’s two million e-cigarette users should have some guidance on what is and what is not socially acceptable while vaping.

Debrett’s, a London-based company that has been coaching Britons on etiquette since the 18th century, has released a guide to vaping etiquette. It says that vaping in confined spaces like elevators or cars, or vaping in restaurants or around food preparation areas is bad manners. But the number one rude behavior while vaping no matter where you do it, is to blow vapor in someone else’s face.

Though the UK accepts the fact that vaping is worlds away from smoking as far as health is concerned, not everyone in Britain is totally on board with the idea that vaping is completely safe. Blowing vapor in someone’s face could be seen as a threat to that person’s health, in addition to being simply rude.

Some surprising places Debrett’s says you shouldn’t vape made the list too. Vaping in bed, according to the guide, is rude. Common sense would seem to indicate, though, that with permission from the bed’s other occupant, vaping should be okay. Likewise, common sense also aligns with Debrett’s advice to refrain from vaping during a job interview or in someone else’s home without their permission.

One thing that Debrett’s guide singled out as bad behavior is something that some vapers may do in an attempt to be polite: stealth vaping. Stealth vaping is basically the act of an e-cigarette user trying to conceal the fact that they are vaping. Even in places where vaping is allowed, some vapers may engage in stealth vaping to avoid upsetting non-vapers who may be present in the area. But Debrett’s says stealth vaping is “creepy” and people they surveyed named it as something they dislike seeing vapors do.

Debrett’s doesn’t put the responsibility for polite vaping experiences entirely on the people vaping: They have some guidelines for non-vapors as well. They say confronting vapers if you don’t like their vaping should be done courteously.

In the United States, most vapers are still trying to defend vaping as healthier than smoking because of the misinformation being spread around. But vaping etiquette is a subject that does come up, and it could be wise for people who vape to avoid “bad behavior” while vaping to help improve the American public’s perception of vaping in general.

If you vape, do you agree with the British vaping etiquette guidelines? Many UK vapers admit that they aren’t entirely sure where vaping is allowed and where it is not. Do you know where you are allowed to vape in your area? Being aware of what is actually allowed is important for vapers, but being aware of what most non-vapers consider to be good vaping manners is also something to think about.

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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