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Discount Vape Juice Finding The Hidden Gem Deals

Where can I get discount vape juice? This is a question I ask myself often. Many of you have asked me as well! Look, I like to get a good deal. I know the location of every bargain bin in a five mile radius! Drives my wife crazy. You like to get a good deal, too, so you are on my side. I have a good feeling about you. Let’s find some vape juice deals.

Wait one sec, here’s the deal. I do like to get the best deals on vape juice, e-liquids or e-juice, whatever name you prefer, but there should be no compromising on quality. We don’t want any vape juice that was made in somebody’s basement or in the back room of a vape shop with who knows what ingredients. Just like I want to know what’s in my sub I want to know what I am inhaling. Transparency is key.

The best American vape brands publicly post independent lab reports of their e-liquids and ingredients of VG and PG blends. Demand no less. We need to know that our vape juice, discount or not, comes from a professional lab operated by chemists who actually know what they are doing. Can we agree on that? I know the allure of the local brand from the vape shop or the guy who mixes it in the back for you, but let’s demand quality and transparency. After all, we can get the best quality at the best prices.

Discount Vape Juice

We all want discount vape juice and there are a few ways to go about getting it. Number one, coupon deals and discount codes. Quite often we will have vape discount coupon codes for e-liquids. Number two, e-liquid and vape sales! These happen frequently. Look for sales happening on or around holidays especially. Number three, loyalty rewards programs. Companies that offer rewards programs often translate into excellent deals for discount vape juice. Number 4, which proven, quality and transparent e-liquid brand offers the lowest process period. No sales or deals just the everyday lowest price.

The reason I wanted to write this post is because many of these discount vape juice deals are invisible. There is no flashing red sign saying “cheap e-liquid” or “big sale”. Sometimes there is an art to the discount. I like good cheap vapes and so do you. Ladies and gentlemen, as an avowed cheapskate from way back in the day, let me take you on a journey to the real art of the discount deal!

Halo And Evo E-Liquids

discount vape juice to save you money

These guys continually clean up the awards. Halo was the first to take vape juice or e-liquid blending out of garages and turn it into an artistic science. Halo developed a state of the art e-liquid lab in Florida. They incorporated perfection seeking quality control that begins with the best ingredients. That includes USP grade ingredients and, of course, diacetyl free. Published independent lab reports verify all of the ingredients.

Halo Cigs has been in the vaping industry since the earliest days. They are an independent American vape brand and success story. From humble beginnings they have grown exponentially to become not only a  but also a fierce advocate of your right to vape. And halo does not advocate for vaping with just words. They put their money where their mouth is. They have assembled a legal team to challenge oppressive regulation that limits your choices.

Known for their vibrant flavors and rich, dense, satisfying vapor Halo Cigs e-liquids set the standard for the industry early on. Recently, Halo added a new line of e-liquids called Evo. Halo and Evo e-liquids are both manufactured according to the same impeccable standard.

Difference Between Halo And Evo

What is the difference between Halo and Evo e-liquids? This is easy. Halo branded e-juices feature tobacco and gourmet flavors. Evo e-liquids are fruit flavored. You can buy both directly from Halo. Now, let’s talk saving money.

Can you get discount vape juice from Halo? Yes you can. By a number of means. This is why I wanted to write this post. Some of the discounts are invisible. You don’t always see the best discount vape juice deals just by looking at the price tag. We are going to find ways to make our own price tag!

A 30 ml bottle of Halo or Evo e-liquids sells for $21.99. How do we get discount vape juice from Halo? We launch a two pronged attack on that price tag. They won’t even know what hit them! Number one, our ECCR Halo Cigs coupon code. The coupon code is ECCR5. That brings a 5% discount. Now 5% is nice but obviously does not really whet the appetite for a deal. Halo has a very large presence in retail shops and they cannot undercut themselves too much as a result. Halo wants to make sure that their retail partners can compete with the prices that they offer. So the initial 5% discount is great but that’s just one prong of our attack in search of a discount vape juice victory.

Halo Rewards Program

Our second wave of attack on the price tag is the Halo Rewards program. You earn points with every purchase. It goes like this. You earn 100 points for every $20 spent on e-liquid and 75 points for every $20 spent on hardware. You can use accumulated points to shop the rewards catalog and essentially get free stuff.

What Halo has is a rewards program that is just awesome. We know many of our ECCR readers are devout Halo fanatics and they rave about this rewards program. Combined with the ECCR5 coupon code it adds up to a considerable discount. Best of all, you get phenomenal quality vape juice that vapes magnificently.

See The Halo E-Juice Line-Up Right Here


VaporFi E-Liquids

cheap vape juice and e-liquids from vaporfi

VaporFi is one of the best e-liquid brands in the world. Now, I know a lot of people out there might wonder about that but they would be wrong. Yes, VaporFi is a big mainstream brand in a time when anything regarded as “mainstream” gets a bad rap, but VaporFi is big time for a reason. They earned it. And they earned it with quality and transparency. In fact, they are aggressively transparent.

VaporFi E-Liquids offer total transparency. Their state of the art lab is FDA registered and in fact every one of their vape juice recipes is on file with the FDA. Lab reports are posted on the VaporFi website for anyone to see. They use only the best ingredients. Everyone says that but VaporFi shows you. The variety of flavors is amazing. You can also make your own e-liquid combining flavors to create your own unique recipe. So we know it is impeccable quality now what’s the deal?

This deal is a blunt force coupon type deal to get cheap vape juice. Since VaporFi reduced their prices they no longer do coupon codes for hardware. But, they gave us a special discount coupon where you can buy 3 bottles of e-liquid and get the 4th for free. That boils down to a 25% discount vape juice deal. Not too shabby!

VaporFi Double Whammy To Get Cheap Vape Juice

A coupon deal is a pretty obvious way to get discounted, cheap vape juice. You save money right off the top. Bingo bango done. But there are more ways to get e-liquid discounts from VaporFi. Namely the Loyalty Program. Number one you get $10 off of your first order when you sign up for the loyalty program. That’s a pretty easy $10.

Next, for every 200 VaporFi rewards points you will get $20 toward future purchases. You can use those points to get free vape juice or whatever you want.

There are a lot of ways to earn points. You get one point for every $2 spent. Crunching some numbers we start with a 30 ml bottle of VaporFi premium quality e-liquids sells for $15.99. If you use our VaporFi discount vape juice coupon you can get 4 bottles for $47.97. So you will get one bottle for free and earn 24 points. Every 20 points is essentially a $2 credit. So the way I look at it is that the VaporFi loyalty program is a 5% cash back deal. Combine 5% cashback with our VaporFi e-liquid coupon and we are at about a 30% discount.

30% VaporFi Discount Vape Juice Deal

A 30% discount vape juice deal is very good and there are other ways you can quickly build up your VaporFi rewards points. For example you automatically get 20 points for your birthday. You get 1 point for every product review you leave on the VaporFi website. You also get 25 points for signing up for the home delivery program.

If you add it all up you can save even more than 30% on VaporFi e-liquids.

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Subscribe And Save With Zample Box

get cheap vape juice and e-liquid when you subscribe to zample box

Another way to enjoy discount vape juice is to partake in a monthly subscription service. Do you like a little mystery and variety? If so, you should take a look at a Zample Box e-liquid subscription. With Zample Box, you will receive an assortment of 15 ml e-liquids every month. There are three options to choose from. You can pick 3 bottles a month for $19.99. Or 6 bottles a month for $24.99. Or 11 bottles for $44.99.

What kind of e-liquids, vape juice or e-juice do you get? I don’t know and neither will you until your package arrives! You pick the flavor types you like, the blend and strength and Zample Box will accommodate your preferences. There are hundreds of different brands so you never know exactly what you will get. Zample Box does vet the brands they work with to ensure quality. In exchange for the subscription and the mystery, you get big discounts.

By subscribing to Zample Box, you will save big time. For example, if you choose the 6 bottle subscription, you will pay about $10 for every 30 ml of e-liquid. That’s discount vape juice right there. So if you like variety and mystery, this may be the deal you’ve been looking for.

Learn More About Zample Box Subscriptions Here


Cheapest Everyday Prices On Quality Vape Juice

discounted vape juice prices from my baker vapor

Here we are at the last category fellow cheapskates. You want discount vape juice but you don’t want to sign up for a rewards program and you don’t want to be in a committed relationship with a subscription service. Fine. How about an every day price of $7.99 for a 30 ml bottle of e-liquid? You pick the flavor, nicotine strength (5 options) and the VG PG blend. VG PG options are 70PG/30VG, 50/50, 70VG/30PG or Max VG.  I give you Mt. Baker Vapor.

Mt Baker Vapor e-liquid is made in the USA. While they do not have independent lab reports, Mt Baker Vapor assures us that their flavor suppliers do not use diacetyl in any flavorings. Nor do they use any diacetyl substitutes. The flavors are great and so is the vapor. (PS – my personal favorite Forrestberry Fusion)

A 30 ml bottle of Mt Baker Vapor e-juice sells for only $7.99. Or pick up a huge 240 ml bottle for $39.99. But we can save you even more.

Mt Baker Vapor Coupon Code

If you like to go to coupon sites you have probably had this experience. You go to a site, they say click here to reveal the coupon code. You click and either there is no code or the code the reveal does not work. It is frustrating. Especially to us bargain hunting cheapskates. Well yah, I know most of those coupon sites are scams and so do you. No worries, we have a real Mt Baker Vapor coupon code that does work.

Use Mt Baker Vapor coupon ECCR10 to save 10% off of your order. That includes orders on e-juice. When you add that Mt Baker Vapor coupon to an already very low price that gets you some discount vape juice!

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