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Forst impressions of the Pioneer4you IPV 8

In-Depth Review The Pioneer4you IPV 8 230W

The Pioneer4you IPV 8 is that it’s a powerful and accurate device that is compatible with just about everything out there in the marketplace today. If you’re looking for a top-end mod for your vaping needs, I highly recommend the Pioneer4you IPV 8 230W. First, it’s important to remember that the Pioneer4you brand is nothing new. It sometimes seems like it’s been around since vaping was born, and with good reason. The company has consistently produced some of the finest electronic cigarette and vaping products available anywhere in the marketplace.


First Impressions

You might be surprised to see just how small the package is when it arrives, but it makes sense once you open the box. The IPV 8 is not a large device, and its compact design is sensibly packaged in a compact box. The device uses mini USB charging you need to keep it powered and a dual 18650 battery. It also comes with a warranty and the manual you need to answer any questions that you might have.

Forst impressions of the Pioneer4you IPV 8

The design is more box-looking than we imagined it to be, but still manages to pull off that space-age look that we love. The angles are well-placed to ensure that everything feels just right when you’re holding it. It’s also worth noting that there is a leathery area at the point where the device makes contact with your hand. That sort of threw us off when we first grabbed the box, but you get used to it after a short while.

The design is sleek and simple. The OLED screen is on the front, and is accompanied by two different buttons that you can use to adjust settings. The top of the device offers stainless-steel threads with a 510 connector. Holding the IPV 8

The sides each have their own features too, with one side containing the USB port for charging, and the other assigned the firing button. We gave it a few once-overs before determining that we liked the design. Is it simple? Sure. But, the key to a really great vaping device is not measured in terms of complexity of design. It comes down to how well the thing works. And about that performance…


Giving it a Performance Run

When we fired up the Pioneer4you IPV 8 230W mod, we were hopeful but a little hesitant too. Battery Area For the IPV8After all, we’ve tried enough of this company’s products to know that even the best-laid plans sometimes go away. In this instance, we were pretty sure that the chipset had the potential to make all the difference in the world, but then again – we’ve been wrong before. So, with hopeful hearts, we gave the IPV 8 a test run.

We ran through different wattage used, and tried out different temp settings as well. We even ran through cotton burn analysis, trying to find some way to thwart this sneaky little device. We tried different devices to test compatibility, and were sure that we could stump it if we just kept pushing its boundaries. In the end, we had to admit defeat and accept the inevitable: the Pioneer4you IPV 8 230W mod was more than we could have hoped for.

Let’s start with the wattage. It’s rare to find a device that can reach its maximum rating, and this one is no different than the rest. However, it does come closer to 230 W than its peers. In our tests, we got it within five to six watts of that maximum rated capacity. That’s an impressive feat, and means that this device is what it’s advertised as being – a 230W mod.

The IPV 6 vs IPV 8 box modMore important, however, is the fact that the device doesn’t get super-heated at those higher-end temps – unlike many other mods. It handles just about every wattage that you throw at it, and that’s a sure sign that the YiHi chipset has played a big role in the device’s effectiveness.

This mod also never let us down with its firing capabilities. I personally loather misfires, but accept that they’re a regrettable vaping reality. In this case, though, we never had a single misfire at any temp or watt setting. What’s more, its sensors do a superior job identifying ohms. That success has to be attributable to the YiHi chipset, and is something that other companies should take note of when they’re selecting chips to manage their own devices.


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Electronic Cigarettes • January 13, 2017

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