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eGo One Mega Size

In-Depth Review the Joyetech eGo One Mega V2 Kit

If you’ve tried the eGo ONE and loved everything about it, then you’re definitely going to want to check out the newest Joyetech offering, because that great product is no available in Mega form! The original eGo One had some problems, with leaking and burning of the coils but now the eGo One Mega V2 Kit is here, and it’s bound to create the type of buzz that keeps vaping enthusiasts’ attention for the immediate future – or at least until the next great Joyetech innovation hits the market. So, is the eGo One Mega V2 really all that you’d expect it to be and one of the best vape pens on the market? Read on to find out more in this eGo One Mega V2 Kit Review.

As the name suggests, this is a souped-up version of the popular eGo One. It has a bigger battery. It has an atomizer tank with an expanded juice capacity. And, as you might expect, the device itself is larger than the model on which it is based. But this is the V2, so even those changes weren’t enough. To make this version even more outstanding, the designers incorporated greater flexibility in the coil selection and operational options. On the operational side of the equation, you get two new modes that provide even more functionality. There is the constant voltage output option, as well as direct output capability.


The Tech

For hardcore users, the coil options are really going to make this an attractive choice. With the Mega V2, you can now use a ceramic head by installing a Cotton CLC. That coil has to be purchased separately, but it is a really great feature for advanced users who are into the new ceramics that have become so popular in recent months. If you haven’t tried ceramic heads yet, you owe it to yourself to push through that barrier of reluctance and experiment with them. The general consensus seems to be that they offer truly pure and accurate flavors, and have a great deal more longevity than their competitors.

Of course, the battery is important as well. To get the power you need to maximize the usefulness of these features, you need battery capability up to the challenge. This device comes with a 2300 mAh battery. With regular use, the battery is capable of providing as much as two day’s use before it needs to be recharged, which competes with all the box mods which hold 2 18650 batteries. Naturally, that could be lessened significantly for hardcore vapers who chain-vape.

Joyetech eGo One Mega V2 Kit

The eGo One Mega V2 Kit

Oh, and the kit includes everything that you need to keep that battery powered up and ready for use. The device itself has a mini-port for charging, so you just plug in a USB cord and recharge it whenever you need to. eGo One Mega V2 in hand to see the sizeSince the battery should require less recharging than many other devices, you can rest assured that you’ll get plenty of life out of the unit before it has to be replaced.

Now, those fundamentals are interesting, but there’s more to an e-cig than just the basics, if it wants to be classes as one of the best e cigarette products. This device is also equipped with a number of aesthetically pleasing features that should help to ensure that you get exactly what you want when you purchase yours. It comes in six different colors ranging from black,white, and blue to silver, red, and orange. That’s plenty of color options to help you ensure that your device matches your personality. The mouthpieces are almost uniform, with silver drip tips used for everything but the black version. That one has a matching tip that really complements the rest of its sleek design.

The Kit comes complete with not only the device, but a number of important accessories as well. You get one battery and the corresponding atomizer, and one CL cotton head (.5 ohms) as well as another head that’s rated for 1 ohms. Apparently the manufacturers decided that you might easily lose one of the drip tips, because they’ve included an extra one of those too. Elsewhere within the kit, you’ll find your manual, warranty information, and that all-important USB cable that you’ll need to keep your device fully charged and ready for action.



Of course, there’s one other important feature that should be mentioned, and it relates to e cigarette safety. Every device like this has to have protective features, to ensure that neither the e-cig nor the user are harmed when it’s being used. The Mega V2 provides double the protection with matching circuitry safeguards that are designed to maximize safety by preventing things like disruptions in the current, overcharging, and other dangers that could pose a risk during us or charging.



Tank on its side to test for leaksNow we reviewed the eGo One version 1 last year and we loved it, but our readers started to write to us about the leaking issue. So that left us with a task to figure out if the eGo One Mega V2 leaked in the same situation. We tried a number of experiments which included over wicking the coils (dripping a huge amount of e-liquid directly on the coil) and then leaving it on its side for a couple of hours. Now to be honest the majority of vape pens would leak in this experiment, but although there was a small amount of e-liquid on the battery (one drop maybe), we were really pleased to see no leaks! This is a huge improvement to the design and a welcomed one!



The question you might be asking at this point is a simple one: is it worth the money or the time it takes to order this device? The answer is a resounding “yes” – because the eGo One Mega V2 is everything that Joyetech users expect from their favorite e-cig provider. It provides options that can give you the clear, rich taste your favorite e-juices are designed to deliver, and the power and solid crafting you need to deliver the vapor volume every vaping enthusiast deserves.

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