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Cue Vapor System E-Cigarette Review Is It Worth It?

The Cue Vapor electronic cigarette is running an infomercial TV campaign promoting their product as ‘vaping made simple. They have a patent pending design of interchangeable cartridges that insert into a subohm vape device. It seems like a great idea! Leak proof, disposable sub ohm refill cartridges. Perhaps ideal for people who want to sub ohm vape but don’t want a refillable tank. We completed a Cue electronic cigarette review to help you decide if this is the right e-cig for you.

The Cue Vapor system sells for $49.99 online or $59.99 for the special TV offer. The difference is that the TV commercial is offering a kit with an extra cartridge, accessories such as a car charger and carry case plus free shipping.

The Cue mod comes in five different colors. You can get a baby blue, pink, orange, red or black. The Cue e-cig is a compact device made for portability.

The patent pending involves the snap and click disposable cartridges. The atomizer coil is a wrapped coil just like you would find in a typical subohm clearomizer. Once the e-juice is gone you pull it out and snap in a new one. You can get three nicotine levels including 0 mg, 3 mg and 6 mg. Each 5 ml cartridge sells for $6.99. Or you can get a pack of five for $31.99.

So I have thrown a bunch of details and prices at you. If you are not familiar with vaping you are probably wondering how these prices compare with some of your other options out there. Good question! We will get to all of that and more.

If you want to see those price comparisons now, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Or, if you have some time, stick with me as I go through it all in my Cue Vapor System electronic cigarette review.

Suggested Comparisons For Cue

Since I have already covered the pricing of the Cue Vapor System, here are a couple of suggestions for you to compare. Both of these suggestions are geared toward new vapers.

cue vapor mod vs the halo triton 2 with halo use made e-juice

an mtl vape with disposable profiled cartridges

Should I Try Cue Vapor?

We are going to get into some specific details about the Cue Vapor system but first let’s figure out if it is what you might be looking for. Which features that might suit you and your needs specifically? The Cue mod itself is compact and portable. I also like that it comes in a variety of colors. It is attractive and easy to use. There is not wattage setting to adjust. There is no vape tank to deal with. And there is no e-liquid to re-fill. You simply replace the refill cartridge by popping out the empty and snapping in a new full one.

cue vapor system uses disposable cartridges as seen here

If the ease of use is an appealing factor for you, then the Cue Vapor system might be right. Or if money is a concern you might want to find a good cheap vape. So we will get into the vapor performance a bit later. For now I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page regarding this device. If you are an avid vaping hobbyist looking for massive cloud production, then by this point you already know that the Cue is not that type of vape.

I feel like many of you reading this might be new to vaping. In the next section I want to give you an overview of vaping and electronic cigarettes. We’ll do a mini beginners guide to vaping! The idea is to clear up some of the terms that are used so you can make an informed decision. If you are not new, feel free to skip the next section, even though the writing is not one iota shy of masterful!

New To Vaping?

So you are new to vaping! Welcome to our quick guide to understanding vaping and the Cue Vapor System. Folks, vaping is massive. Yes, massive in popularity for adult tobacco consumers but also massive in scope. Vaping is a technology so there is no one size fits all e-cig. Let’s cover some of what we are dealing with:

Make Up Of An E-Cigarette – There are three main components of an e-cigarette. This applies across the board to almost all devices. There is a battery, an atomizer, and e-liquid. The battery powers the atomizer. An atomizer is the heating coil that converts e-liquid to vapor. The e-liquid is the liquid that becomes vapor. The e-liquid may be in a cartridge, such as with Cue Vapor, a tank, or dripped right onto an atomizer coil. What is in e-liquid? (Also called e-juice or vape juice.) E-liquid is generally made up of food grade vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol (the same stuff that’s in stage fog or even toothpaste), food grade flavor and nicotine.

Cigarette style electronic cigarettes – also called cigalikes, this design is the one that looks like a cigarette. In the beginning, cigalikes were the primary style of product in the industry. Cigalikes are enjoyed by many vapers but they are limited in the amount of vapor that they can produce.

Mods – Keeping it simple, mods are vape devices that are much larger and more powerful than a cigalike. These are what you see most poeple walking around with today. Many are shaped like small boxes and are often called box mods or subohm mods.

Cue Vapor Is A SubOhm Mod. What’s That?

Yes the Cue Vapor System is a subohm mod basically. That means it outputs power in watts to an atomizer with an electronic resistance of less than 1.0 ohms. The lesser resistance means that the atomizer coil draws more power from the battery and vaporizes more e-liquid. With subohm mods, you get much more vapor production than with basic vape devices that use atomizers over 1.0 ohms.

We call vaping with an atomizer of more than 1.0 ohms standard vaping. Vaping with an atomizer of less than 1.0 ohms is sub ohm vaping. The Cue Vapor mod outputs 30 watts of power. This will give you plenty of vapor although not to the level of cloud chasing. Cloud chasing is the pursuit or ever more vapor. Some cloud chasing mods like the Smok GX350 are capable of 350 watts! Most of the new popular devices today that hobbyists like are about 220 watts. The Wismec Predator TC mod for example.

Other styles of vaping like temperature control, dripping and others are not part of what we need to cover today. Feel free to read more of our information on ECCR or send me an email with any vaping questions and I will do my best to answer. But for our purposes today, we just wanted to cover the basics and what subohm vaping is.

Biggest Differences Between Standard And SubOhm Vaping

I have gone over the technical differences of standard and subohm vaping but what does that mean? How does that affect how you use and enjoy the product? I am glad you asked because there is a major difference. When you smoke a cigarette, you first draw the smoke into your mouth and then inhale.This style is called Mouth To Lung or MTL. This is the same dynamic when vaping on a standard e-cig device with a resistance over 1.0 ohms. You draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale.

Subohm vaping is a different technique. With subohm vaping you draw the vapor directly into your lungs. This is called Direct Lung vaping or DL. With subohm vaping, more vapor is produced and there is more airflow. It is an airy draw as opposed to a stiffer draw like from a cigarette. So it might be different than what you are used to. Just want to make sure you know this because choosing the wrong style of device is one of the most common vaping mistakes we come across.

Because you are inhaling more vapor with a subohm mod, you will require a lower nicotine concentration. For standard vaping you may want 12 mg or 18 mg of nicotine. But that would be way too much for subohm vaping. That’s why Cue Vapor’s nicotine levels for refillable cartridges are 0 mg, 3 mg and 6 mg. These are ideal options for subohm vaping.

So in choosing nicotine levels, Cue Vapor got it right.

Back To The Cue Vapor System Review

cue vapor system review should you buy

Okay after that quick tutorial on vaping in general let’s get back to the Cue Vapor System review. At the end of the review we will talk money and give you price comparisons so if you want to skip down to that I won’t be offended.

Some background on the Cue mod is that it was designed in California and made in China. Most vapor products are made in China. Don’t be put off by that. Many of the best electronic cigarette manufacturers in the world are in China. Yes, there are some bad ones that make bad products from cheap materials but the Cue Vapor System is manufactured to very high standards.

Indeed the build quality of the Cue mod is excellent. Anything that has a snap and click feature like the Cue device always gives me a bit of worry. I can’t help but wonder how long will that snap and click hold firm before wear and tear cause it to not quite fit as firmly as I would like. Well good news. The snap and click resists wear and tear beautifully. Again a testament to both the design and the manufacturing.

Inserting A Cue Vapor Cartridge

The Cue Vapor cartridge is a closed system so, as we mentioned, you never need to manually refill it with e-liquid. You should not try and open the cartridge or refill it once you are done with it. Just throw it away and put in a new one. There are two plugs in each fresh cartridge. Before inserting a cartridge, remove the bottom and side plugs. These are for airflow. Insert Cue cartridge into the mod and vape. That’s all there is to it.

There is one thing that I do want to mention. I talked about removing the two plugs from the cartridge. You do have to remove the bottom one for sure. But, if you like a stiffer draw with a more restricted airflow, you can experiment with leaving the side plug in place. Try both styles and see which draw you prefer.

Turning On The Cue E-Cig Mod

To turn on the Cue e-cig mod you click the silver button five times fast. This is how you turn on most mods so it is more or less universal in the industry. Once you click the silver button 5 times fast, a light around the button will flash to indicate that the Cue mod is on and ready to roll. To turn it off, you do the same thing. Click it five times fast and it shuts down.

Cue Vapor recommends turning off the device when not in use. They also recommend that you remove the cartridge when the device is powered off.

Once the Cue is on, you click that same silver button to produce vapor. So you put your mouth on the tip, press the button and inhale the vapor. That’s all I have to say about that. Again there is not wattage to adjust or any additional inputs that you need to make. If you are looking for an easy to use mod that let’s you customize the vapor, I recommend you look at the VaporFi VAIO (All In One) mods.

Cue Vapor System Electronic Cigarette Review

cue vapor system electronic cigarette review

How’s the vaping? Well this far into the Cue Vapor e-cig review we know that it is indeed very easy to use. There are no adjustments that need to be made. You do not have to adjust wattage or refill e-liquids. It is very compact and comfortable. vapes very well thank you! See how I built the suspense there! Anyway, it is a very enjoyable vape.

The flavors are good and the vapor production is also very good. It performs well for a basic subohm design. It is not a huge amount of vapor but it is not designed for that. And it does what it is designed to do and does it very well. It is not a cheap, low quality gas station style e-cig.

If I have any concern it is this. If you are new to vaping, a subohm device may not fit the bill. Subohm vaping is enjoyable, but it is a different sensation. If you are used to a mouth to lung style of draw and inhale, then an MTL standard vape device might be a better choice. So that’s my concern for new vapers.

Cue Vapor Mod Battery

While the heart of the Cue Vapor design is probably the interchangeable disposable vape cartridge system, it is the Cue Vapor mod itself that bears the responsibility for making the vapor! So what can we tell you about the mod? First, you probably are going to want to know how long it lasts before you have top recharge it again. Okay, let’s start there.

We can start by telling you that the battery has a 1500 mAh capacity. The battery is built in. And that it fires at 30 watts. A basic box mod of a similar size to the Cue mod is powered by a separate 18650 battery. A single 18650 vape battery has a capacity of about 2200 mAh. That’s an average. So a basic box mod with standard 18650 battery has about 30% more capacity than a Cue vape mod.

The difference is that with the Cue mod there is no tank that sits perched atop. The tank, or in this case cartridge, is built in. And because it is built in that limits battery capacity.

The verdict is this. Sacrificing only 30% of capacity to incorporate an internal, interchangeable tank is a solid trade-off. So this aspect does get a positive mark in the Cue Vapor System review. 1500 mAh at 30 watts is enough for a full day of vaping for the majority of vapers.

The recharge time is only two hours. The fast re-charge is an excellent indicator of quality.

Cue Vapor Cartridge Capacity And E-Liquid

review of cue electronic cigarette and the cue cartridges including flavor options

The Cue Vapor System cartridges have a 5 ml e-liquid capacity. The e-liquid inside each cartridge is blended in the USA using both imported and domestic ingredients. The Cue e-liquid is a VG/PG blend available in three nicotine levels. You get 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg.

How long a cartridge lasts depends on how much you vape. Cue says it can last up to a week but that would be with casual vaping. If you are vaping frequently, as I do, I could get 2 days out of a cartridge. I don’t consider myself a heavy vaper.

How Long Will A Cue Cartridge Last

I don’t want to give you a specific answer here because it is so variable. But let me give you some numbers and see what you think. I found a Reddit Post asking respondents to reply with how much e-liquid that they use in a week. I was expecting to see the average being around 30 to 40 ml of e-liquid per week. The average I found was more like 60! But hold on.

Many of the people who go through that much e-juice are vaping at 100 watts not 30. So in my opinion a reasonable average for a 30 watt device would be about the 20 ml per week mark. That is 3 to 4 cartridges per week.

If you back me into a corner and make me guess, I would suggest that the typical vaper would use 3 to 4 cartridges a week.

Vaping 5 mls of e-juice at 30 watts in a subohm mod is going to go through a fair amount of e-liquid. The Cue is by no means a juice hog but subohm vaping goes through more e-liquid. Cue says a cartridge can last a week but honestly I can’t see you using one cartridge a week with only 5 ml of ejuice in a cartridge. Unless you vape very casually like strictly after meals or with coffee. Then it could last a week.

In my normal day to day vaping I go through 20 ml of e-liquid per week. If you extrapolate using me as the example, I would go through 4 Cue cartridges per week.

If you are a heavy vaper, you could be going through a lot of cartridges! It all depends. There are so many variables. The moral of the story that if you decide to buy a Cue vapor mod, buy the 5 packs of cartridges or buy enough so that you have a steady supply.

Cue Cartridge Vapor Refill Flavors

There are ten different Cue Cartridge vapor refill flavors available. The flavors are:

  • Apple Tobacco (very nice)
  • Berry Smooth (perhaps my favorite)
  • Chocolate Banana
  • Full Tobacco
  • Creamy Mint
  • Fresh Melon
  • Menthol Tobacco
  • Peach Tobacco
  • Smooth Tobacco
  • Vanilla Cream

Should I Buy The Cue Vapor Device?

Ahh, the million dollar question. or more accurately the $50 or $60 question! Should I buy the Cue Vapor device. The Cue e-cig is an interesting and capable product, we feel like it is a good niche product for many vapers. The vapor production is decent and the device is easy to use. The cartridge system is a good idea for some people. It has potential to fill a niche for sure.

This mod checks our boxes for build quality, durability and enjoyable vaping. By the way, you can buy Cue online or buy the TV special offer over the phone. If you are 27 or over you can order the TV special offer over the phone. If you are under 27 you have to order online. This is just for age verification purposes.

Whether or not the Cue Vapor System is a good value for your dollar is up to you. You can compare prices in the next section. For me the bottom line is that if you like the idea of disposable Cue cartridges that you don’t have to mess with, it’s a good value. I am not going to sugar coat it. I will tell you that you may end up paying out a lot of money for cartridges.

Look, it’s just math. A 30 ml bottle of e-liquid sells for about $20 for a really good quality. To get 30 ml of Cue Vapor e-liquid, that is six cartridges. Add it up and you will pay almost double for the same amount of e-liquid that you can get in a bottle of e-juice. You can pay a lot less and get more if you are willing to manually refill an e-liquid tank.

Cue Vapor Price Comparison

compare the price of the cue vapor device to the halo triton 2 mod

I mentioned that if you are willing to manually refill an e-cig tank with e-liquid, you can pay less for a high quality vapor product. That is true. So let me compare the Cue mod to the Halo Triton 2 kit.

Halo is a Florida company that has been in the electronic cigarette business since virtually the beginning. Halo Cigs is best know for its award winning e-liquids. Plus Halo e-liquids are sourced and blended in Halo’s state of the art lab in Florida. Along with all the accolades for their e-juice, Halo also offers excellent vape devices.

The Halo Triton 2 kit comes with two complete mods. That is two 700 mAh Triton 2 batteries and two Triton 2 tanks. You also get 3 atomizer coils, 3 mouthpieces, 2 chargers, the manual and a 30 ml bottle of Halo’s industry leading e-juice. You get all of that for $45.

For about the same price as the Cue e-cigarette system, you can get a more complete kit from Halo that comes with six times as much e-liquid. The long term costs will be much lower as well. Instead of buying cartridges all the time, you will be able to buy bottles of e-liquid that will give you more for less. You will have to manually fill the Triton 2 tank. You do that by opening it up, dropping in the e-liquid and then closing. So it is pretty easy.

MTL and DL

The other reason I wanted to tell you about the Triton 2 is because you can use it in either a DL mod or an MTL vape. That’s why they give you the extra mouthpieces. A narrower mouthpiece fro standard MTL vaping and a wider bore mouthpiece for subohm vaping. So the Triton 2 lets you experience either style of vaping.

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Cue Vapor Comparison To Other Closed Systems

closed system cue vapor comparison with the v2 cigs vertx closed cartridge system

The best comparison here is to put the Cue Vape Kit head to head with the V2 VERTX e-cig kit. The reason I want to tell you about the VERTX is because I want to talk to new vapers. If you are a new vaper, I earlier expressed my concern about having a subohm mod be your first experience with vapor. My feeling is that for a first vape device you might want to consider a standard vaping device like the VERTX.

With the VERTX, you get the base model for $49.99. That comes with one cartridge, a charger and the manual. So a very similar price to the Cue e-cigarette. The VERTX cartridges are cheaper though. They cost under $10 for a pack of three. So a similar concept but head to head the V2 VERTX costs less long-term.

In the meantime there is another option that we feel like you should take a look at. The V2 VERTX system relies on cartridges as well but with the VERTX everything connects magnetically. The magnetic seals are leakproof and durable. Also with magnetic seals you don’t have to worry about wear from the friction is snapping and clicking. And the VERTX is an MTL vape which may be a more familiar way to vape for new vapers.

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