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Clapton Coils – Everything You Need To Know From SmokeTastic Experts in Vaping

2 clapton coils on a RTA buildThe newest craze in the vaping industry is something you may have seen before, but now it’s growing in popularity and becoming a must have in any RDA or RTA; Clapton coils. You may have come across these vape wires and wondered what they are. Well, today I want us to discuss several things about Clapton coils, their benefits, pros and cons, as well as if you should make your own or buy pre-wound versions.

What are Clapton Coils?

A Clapton coil is simply a small gauge wire wrapped around another larger gauge wire in a perpendicular way. It basically means a coiled wire; you have one wire coiled tightly over another. Normal clapton coilsBut of course, it had to be given a better name to make it sell. Current from your box mod will heat the larger gauge wire and eventually the smaller wire inside. Although it’ll take a little more time before the coil heats up, most people are preferring Clapton coils as they offer an additional surface area for vaporizing e-liquid, making them a lot more efficient.

Although many would like to own one, building Clapton coil yourself will call for a lot of patience, commitment, and dedication, thanks to their complicated procedure. The outer wire needs to be coiled tightly around the inner wire, which can prove to be a difficult task for most vapers and especially newbie vapers.

However, coil manufacturers have begun making them in factories, and many vapers are opting to buy pre-built ones instead of spending time making their own. However, if you’re still an enthusiastic vaper, you may opt to make your own Clapton coils. These coils are becoming more popular nowadays especially with cloud chasers, flavor chasers, sub ohmers and vapers using advanced e-cigs.

Straight clapton wire

Benefits of Clapton Coils

One major benefits of Clapton coils is that they offer a larger surface area for vaping. Essentially, the more the coil surface area, the more heated coil is making contact with your e-juice, which increases more vapor and definite taste than in standard coil. If you are an avid vaping enthusiast, flavor chaser, cloud chaser, or a dripper, you should definitely try Clapton coils. There’s a popular thread on reddit about the theory of why the clapton coil tastes so good, thats worthy of a read!

They also increase flavor. The flavor of an e-juice coming from Clapton coils will be more intense since the coil allows you to taste more notes in your e-liquid. This is because the varying temperatures of the Clapton coils will produce different notes of your juice. However, when using Clapton coils, you need to keep adjusting power every time you change flavors as different flavors have their specific power levels where they produce ideal taste.

different clapton coils

How can you make your own?

To make Clapton coils, you need to harness core wires; one thinner gauge wire weighing 32-34g and a thicker gauge wire weighing 24g. Wrap the thicker wire in a drill and coil the thinner gauge wire over it. The reason for wrapping the thinner over the thicker wire is because, the thinner gauge wire has a high resistance while the thicker one has a lower resistance. The thinner wire acts as a heating element and doesn’t conduct electricity as well.

Most of the best e cigs are utilizing clapton coils in their pre-built atomizers, as this seems to be the direction that coils are now heading.


Our Favorite Clapton Coils

Check out what we believe to be the best pre-made clapton coils on the market


The Pros of Clapton Coils

The advantages

  • The major advantage of using Clapton coils is that they create larger surface area, which means more vapor
  • They also create better flavors, although this is relative.
  • It offers diversity in vaping than using the regular micro coils
  • It makes vaping look cool, which elevate the status of vapers
  • You’ll get warmer vapor and greater flavor intensity
  • With Clapton coils, your e-liquid will be vaporized quickly

The Cons of Clapton coils

The disadvantages

  • They take long to heat up and take time to cool down, which makes them not effective for one time vaping
  • Heating the coils consume more power, and this drains your batteries faster
  • When left unused for a while, they dirt very easily which means you have to clean it up often
  • They are time-consuming to create one manually (however, you can buy a pre-made one)


So, Should You Buy A Pre-Built Coils Or Make Your Own Clapton Coils?

Pre wound coil - ClaptonNow, this depends on an individual. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can opt to make your own Clapton coils. All you need is to buy twisted Clapton wire at an online store or your local vape shop and build your own.

On the other hand, if you want to buy a pre-made coil, you can shop for one in your local or online vape shop. All you need to do now is find the best vape cotton and you have the full recipe of success!

I personally use the pre-made coils, as it saves a lot of time and effort, the best on the market right now, in our opinion are the Wismec IndeReserve Clapton coils. They just seem to provide an excellently balanced performance and measure at about 0.5 ohms, which is perfect for me!


clapton coils

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