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Cigees review 2016 | Reviewed by Experts

Cigees review – The Brand
Cigees has not been around that long, and so I wasn’t sure what to expect. They have been gaining more of a foothold in the market, so I decided to give them a go. All I can say is, as you will see from the review below, watch this space, because Cigees are showing a lot of promise.

My Experience with Cigees
Well, I ordered my kit, and was pleased that they offered free delivery to addresses within the UK. The kit arrived just a few days later, and as far as looks are concerned, things seemed good from the outset – on opening, I was confronted with a cool looking black cigarette packet, which opened to reveal various slots – for the E-Cig, carts, battery and charger. Off to a good start, and with the kit I ordered, I received a lot of extras too, as we will see below. Overall, I enjoyed pulling out the black case when I was with my friends, who also thought it looked cool, and the vaping experience was a good one too, as I will detail shortly.

Cigees review

get skycig Cigees review – Product and Kits
For this review, I purchased Cigees’ Break Free Superkit for £48.00. This is one of the most comprehensive kits you will find, and includes 3 batteries, 12 cartomiser refills (7 tobacco & 5 menthol), 4 adaptors (2 USB, 1 mains electricity and 1 for your car), 1 pouch and 1 case. With 3 batteries and so many charging options, you should never find yourself stuck with a dead E-Cig.

cigeesgiftThere are also much cheaper options:  The Classic Starter Kit is good value for £12.00, and contains 1 battery, 2 tobacco cartomisers (16mg nicotine), and 1 USB charger, while there is also the Majestic Kit, which lies somewhere in between these too.

Interestingly, for those people who really just want to try out an E-Cig before committing to buying, there is the Classic Trial Pack. For £6.00, you receive 1 battery and 1 tobacco cart (16mg nicotine), but you will have to spend more very quickly after you have used this one, so I would recommend either the Break Free or the Majestic Kit for better longevity.
Cigees review – Battery Life
The battery life was good, lasting a long time (I took easily over 200 drags with this), and if you go with the Break Free Superkit, as I did, unless you are in the middle of the desert, you will never find yourself without at least one charged battery.

Cigees battery

Cigees review – Vapour / Taste

Cigees cartridgesCigees’ own website claims that their E-Cigarette has a “realistic hit” and produces “no dry throat” and a “smooth taste”, so I was quite excited to try it out. Well, I have to say that I did find this to be the case – you really do get a hit that feels and tastes like a real cigarette, and the vapour emitted looks realistic too.

Well, there’s two sides to this one – the taste was honestly great – just like a real cigarette. However, I would personally have preferred more flavours than just the two I received (tobacco and menthol) – for a lot of people, this won’t matter, because the tobacco taste is what many are after, and in this case, Cigees is a great choice. But as far as the starter pack goes, just be aware that you will be receiving these two varieties. For the Classic Starter Kit and Trial Kit, you will just receive the tobacco flavour.
Cigees review – Returns Policy

Cigees products are all carefully tested and manufactured to meet the highest standards. After manufacturing all products are vigorously tested. This helps to ensure that every customer receives the best quality product possible. They have specially designed their own e-liquid to accomplish the high level of vapour productions their e-cigs produce.

Like many brand on the market, Cigees offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Unfortunately, unlike the other brand they do not offer any type of warranty.

Cigees review – Discount Coupons
We have an exclusive voucher here, worth 10% off Cigees’ products, so take advantage now and try it out.

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Cigees review – Conclusion
I would highly recommend Cigees – although they are new on the scene, they have come in with a bang – great product, great packaging, quality batteries and good charging options. Great vaping experience as well as good smoke produced. The only slight downside for me was the lack of flavours provided, but overall, a very good E-Cigarette.
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