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Charlies Chalk Dust Slam Berry Vape Juice Review Must Try

Thank you, Tyler. The ECCR Charlies Chalk Dust Slam Berry vape juice review has to start off with a thanks to our own reporter and contributor, Tyler. Ever since Tyler was at the Vape Nights show in Las Vegas last year, he has been telling us about an Orange County e-liquid company called Charlies Chalk Dust. After some due diligence we found out that Charlies Chalk Dust blends exceptional quality e-liquid exceeding the highest standards. More than that, Charlies is involved in vaping advocacy and they are prepared to continue serving their customers as they are poised to survive even the harshest of potential FDA regulation.

That brings us to our e-juice of the month, Charlies Chalk Dust Slam Berry! Slam Berry is a strawberry iced cream flavored e-liquid that is just fantastic. It won Best In Show at the Houston Vape Summit beating out a very large number of contenders. It is a spectacular flavor sensation and if you like strawberry ice cream it is a must try. This juice is made in the USA and you can get a 30 ml bottle for only $16.95 with free shipping. You can choose from three nicotine levels.

I have tried a few different Charlies Chalk Dust flavors so far. Tyler was pushing for Head Bangin Boogie and we did an internet poll to break the tie. We had 428 responses between the two and Slam Berry won, wait for it….. 216 to 212. It was a close one! Many people emailed us and told us that their favorite Charlies flavor was Dream Cream, Wonder Worm, Moustache Milk or some other flavor. Ultimately the sheer response told us that Charlies has a loyal following. Given the quality of their e-liquid product and the awesome vaping, we should not have been surprised.

Charlies Chalk Dust Slam Berry Vape Juice Review

charlies chalk dust slam berry vape juice review

where to buy charlies chalk dust e-liquid

Our Charlies Chalk Dust Slam Berry e-juice review is going to be short and sweet. The flavor of fresh strawberries really tantalizes the palate on the inhale and on the exhale the cool creamy flavor beautifully balances the sensation and adds a delightful smoothness. It is just so dang good. The cream flavor is so smooth and cool but not too cool. It’s not like a mint, more like a sweet cool and smooth. Kind of like ice cream. It’s hard to fully describe but it is fantastic.

So it is like two different sensations on inhale and exhale. The strawberry flavor captures fresh strawberries at their most ripe and flavorful state. The creamy flavor is rich and perfectly mellows the strawberry sweetness. The vapor satisfaction is really spot on. The fullness of the vapor is impressive. Slam Berry e-juice is completely enjoyable.

Slam Berry VG / PG Content

Now this is something that I really like. The VG / PG ratio is 60 / 40. This is the first time I have tried a 60 / 40 blend. At 60% VG you can use Charlies Chalk Dust Slam Berry e-liquid in a subohm vaping set up or you can use this juice in an MTL tank with atomizers over 1.0 ohms. Although it may not be a cloud chasers juice, this hybrid blend is made for flavor chasers. MTL and DL flavor chasers alike!

Charlies Chalk Dust Slam Berry is an award winning blend and very deserving of Best In Show recognition in Houston. If you like strawberries and cream then this vape juice is a must try.

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