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Charlies Chalk Dust E-Liquid Review Vape Nights Award

Why is Tyler doing a Charlies Chalk Dust E-Liquid review? I will tell you. Picture it. The year is 2016. A warm summer night in the Las Vegas dessert. The electronic cigarette trade show Vape Nights is a whirlwind of vaping energy and activity. I come across an e-liquid company called Charlies Chalk Dust. Brilliant logo and branding. But how is the juice? I try it and the vapor and flavor is phenomenal. I mean a truly authentic, vibrant flavor. You know, I just may have fallen in love that night under a starry desert sky!

Charlies Chalk Dust e-juice offers only a handful of flavors but the flavors that they do offer are artisanal master works. There is an authenticity the shines through the vaping experience. In fact, last summer at Vape Nights Charlies Chalk Dust Head Bangin Boogie won best fruit flavored e-juice. Head Bangin Boogie is a cool, smooth blueberry flavor and probably my personal favorite as well. Although Charlies Wonder Worm is right up there, too. Anyway, I will talk to you more about the flavors as we go on. First, let’s meet Charlies Chalk Dust vape juice.

Charlies Chalk Dust E-Liquid Review

We start our Charlies Chalk Dust e-liquid review by summing up the brand in two words. Simple excellence. That was the goal when the Orange County, California based brand was born in 2014 and that is the path they are on today. What does that mean?  Even here at ECCR we tend to rate more choices as a more prevalent option to recommend to our visitors. But look, there are so many brands and so many flavors. A lot of you, myself included, are looking for a less busy, less hectic option. Something simpler. Charles Chalk Dust is like taking a time out and stepping off the freeway into a comfy lounge.

That was the idea behind the brand, the plan and the design. Black and white choices. They do not come at you with a rainbow of busy colors. Charles Chalk Dust says – hey, take a break, relax! All the choices and splashy color logos turn into a blend of grey. Charles brings it back to black and white. A black and white choice. Focus on the simple things that make vaping enjoyable. That’s the vibe of this brand and it is a breath of fresh air. This is their motto:

“The finest vapor liquid crafted to perfection. Charlie’s personifies the simple things.”

In doing some research for the Charlies Chalk Dust E-Juice review, we found that this brand is actually global. The Charlies Chalk Dust team actually travelled the world winning multiple awards along the way. Here’s a few samples:

Best Brand Expo Vapes Spain

Vape Jam UK Best Brand

Best In Show Houston Vape Summit

Zample Box Best Overall Brand 2016

Charlies Chalk Dust E-Liquid - V2 Eliquid Marketplace

Why Choose Charlies Chalk Dust E-Juice?

So these guys are racking up the awards. Clearly they are on to something. Yes I love the vapor and the vapor production. Charles Chalk Dust is a premium, top level quality USA made vape juice. No diacetyl, no acetoin only the best quality ingredients professionally blended. ECCR would not be promoting any brand that did not meet our quality standards. But more than that. we like that Charlies Chalk Dust is actively involved in the industry and are committed to their customers for the long haul.

Charles Chalk Dust has covered all of their bases in terms of preparing for a post-regulation era in the vaping industry. In other words, they are not going anywhere. So many e-liquid brands will disappear in the coming years because they will no be able to meet the regulatory burdens and standards. Charlies Chalk Dust has assembled a highly professional team to manage the regulatory process and they already exceed every quality control standard.

In addition, as founding members of the California Smoke Free Organization they are playing an activist role in protecting vaping rights. That effort includes big and small companies as well as, most importantly, your right as an adult tobacco consumer to access vapor products.

Charlies Earns The ECCR Checkmark

The real point I am trying to drive at here is that Charlies Chalk Dust is one of those brands that checks all of our boxes here at ECCR. Responsibility, involvement and intense attention to detail. That attention to detail is perhaps best exemplified by the vaping experience. A full-throated, dense and satisfying vapor with tantalizing, genuine flavors. Speaking of flavors, let’s get to it.

Remember we talked about the black and white choices, well first the black.

Charlies Chalk Dust Head Bangin Boogie

charlies chalk dust e-liquid review

Charlies Head Bangin Boogie e-liquid is a cool blast of blueberry. It’s like a blueberry popsicle. The sensation is like a cool, ice cream smoothness. This is a sweet, fruit flavor that could be called a dessert vape. But you will want it all day and not just for dessert. This one is my favorite but in the spirit of full disclosure I love blueberries. And I have a sweet tooth.

Charlies Dream Cream E-Juice

the best vanilla cream vape juice flavor

Dream Cream is a vanilla e-liquid that truly gets that genuine vanilla bean hit of intense flavor. In addition to the vanilla there are hints of chocolate fudge and cinnamon. Like Head Bangin Boogie, the ice cream sensation shines through. It makes me think of a vanilla ice cream sundae with a layer of chocolate fudge sauce and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Charlies Salt Caramel Ice Cream

salty caramel ice cream flavored e-liquid

Charlies Salt Caramel Cream is actually part of a new Gold Line. We have the sweet and creamy smoothness of ice cream with the sugary sweetness of caramel. When I tried it I thought it was like salted caramel which is awesome. That gives it the sweet and savory blend. This is one of the characteristics of Charlies flavors. It is how the flavors work together. These flavors are flawlessly crafted. By focusing on perfecting a few carefully blended flavors as opposed to producing a mass value of flavors, Charlies has taken the road less travelled. And it has paid off.

Now the white choices:

Charlies Wonder Worm E-Liquid

where to buy charlie chalk dust e-liquid at the best price

Charlies Wonder Worm e-juice is also one of my favorites. Wonder Worm is like those worm gummies confection mixed with tart candies. So it is a sweet and tangy blend that makes for a tingly vape! It’s hard to describe but when you try it you will know what I am talking about. The sweet and tangy sensation is like a party for the taste buds. The flavor lingers after you exhale the cloud, too.

Charlies Moustache Milk

charlie chalk dust e-liquid coupon

Charlies Moustache Milk vape juice is another creamy treat. It reminds of of the milk left in the bowl after enjoying a fruity breakfast cereal. Sweet creamy and fruity! What else can I say? Like Charlies tells us, it really is like a cereal soaked in something sweet. And like all of the blends, the VG and PG are top quality and that makes for a fully satisfying vapor sensation to compliment the beautifully crafted flavors.

I Know You’re Busy So Lets Wrap Up This Vape Juice Review For Now

Where can you buy Charlies Chalk Dust E-Liquds? We have a link below where you can get it. You can use coupon code STARTERKITS and get a discount, too. ECCR is also looking for additional sources for Charlies vape juice and we will update this page in the future.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the ECCR Charlies Chalk Dust e-liquid review. I have been lobbying Paul since about Christmas time to let me do it. Paul just asked that I make sure to do my homework to ensure that this brand met the quality e-liquid standards that ECCR requires. Obviously Charlies Chalk Dust meets our standards. I showed Paul the data and he gave me the green light to go ahead. And thankfully I was able to share my experiences with you and to promote to you an innovative brand that I think you will very much enjoy.

Charlies is also expanding. They are offering a new line called Pacha Mamma e-liquid that are based on some of the flavors that they encountered on their world travels. The idea behind Pacha Mamma was to deliver a fresh from the source flavor vape. There is nothing like the fresh picked flavor. We look forward to trying Pacha Mamma and are excited about the future of this brand that has proven a commitment to excellence.
Charlies Chalk Dust E-Liquid - V2 Eliquid Marketplace


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