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Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews: Green Smoke, NJOY, EverSmoke, etc

The VaporFi VEX-75 and 150 TC MOD Reviews

VaporFi VEX 75 and 150 TC MOD 2016 Review

VaporFi has definitely earned its reputation for quality innovation, and the company continues to come up with new and creative products for its customers. The VaporFi VEX 75 and 150 MOD In just the last few months, they’ve come out with several different lines of box mods that are sure to capture your attention. Recently,…

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Smok-Guardian-3 electronic cigas

Smok Guardian 3 Review 2016

As soon as vaping started to take off, it was inevitable that there would be “e-pipes” as well as devices that looked more like cigarettes. It didn’t take long for this to happen, but there was a big problem when it came to design. The bowl section of the pipe was generally used for an…

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Cigees review 2016

Cigees review – The Brand Cigees are a fairly new brand to the electronic cigarette market based in South Yorkshire. They currently stock three main re-chargeable e cig options that cover the core requirements of most vapers. Cigees has not been around that long, and so I wasn’t sure what to expect. They have been gaining…

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UK ECIG STORE electric cigs

Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews In The UK for 2016

Electronic cigarettes are vital to help  give up smoking and changing your life. Here you will find various e-cigarette reviews, news and other useful articles. We truly hope that these reviews will help you to make a switch from regular tobacco to vaping. Product Brand Prices from Rating More info V2 Cigs £22.99 9.8/10 Visit…

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Does Vaping Help People Quit Smoking? —-UCL Says Yes

  Is it helpful for people to give up smoking with the help of vaping? Another in-depth electronic cigarette study carried out by a major, credible institution has found that vaping helps people quit smoking. Just to be very clear, we at ECCR are not making this claim. But we are reporting on the empirically…

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Kanger Nebox Review

Before getting into this review, it’s important to mention something. We love the all in one kits that many manufacturers produce these days. Sure, we’re just like any other advanced vaper in that we like to experiment with different mods, tanks, and builds. That’s always heady stuff, and thoroughly enjoyable. Still, there are times when…

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Joyetech EVIC AIO Review Affordable All In One Vaping

What looks good, is easy to use, can take you from beginner vaping to advanced vaping and is built tough to last? You are going to find out with our Joyetech EVIC AIO review. The AIO stands for all in one. That means that this device contains the tank within the body of the vape…

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V2 VERTX and VERTX Plus Ecig Review

V2 Cigs has been intent on maintaining the company’s position as a leader in the electronic cigarette industry, and continues to bring out new product offerings that challenge many preconceptions about what vaping is and ought to be. More important, however, they always maintain their commitment to focusing on quality, even as they push the…

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Blu Electronic-Cigarette Review

Just about everyone who’s made the transition from regular cigarette to vaping has at one time or another come across the Blu e-cig line. Blu Cigs is one of the larger e-cig companies out there, and is often mentioned in press reports whenever vaping is discussed. That’s because their market penetration and accessibility is neat…

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