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Senator Ron Johnson Urges FDA To Repeal Ecig Regs

Last Summer Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson sent a letter to the FDA demanding answers. Senator Johnson asked the FDA several pertinent questions regarding FDA vaping regulations. He wanted the FDA to answer whether or not they would refuse regulations should the evidence clearly demonstrate that vaping reduces harm vs smoking. Answers were also demanded to…

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NIH And FDA Vape Study Finds Youth Vape To Reduce Risk

It’s not about the flavors. Young people are not getting into vaping because of the attraction of e-cig and e-liquid flavors. In a combined National Institutes of Health and FDA vaping study, 418 individuals between 12 and 17 found that reducing the risk of smoking is the main reason that youth vape. Young people are…

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Sigelei Kaos Spectrum 230 Watt TC Vape Mod Light It Up!

The Sigelei Kaos Spectrum 230 watt TC mod is a part of the latest generation devices that is bringing a futuristic, stylish exterior to compliment a mod internally loaded with all of the latest vaping advances. We have seen similar devices offered by both Smok and Wismec. At 230 watts the Kaos Spectrum brings maximum…

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Sigelei SLYDR L Vape Tank Review Twelve Headed Coils

The competition is intense. New mods and tanks are coming out and some leaders have emerged. Smok, Sigelei, and Wismec seem to be leading the pursuit of vapor. That brings us to our ECCR Sigelei SLYDR L vape tank review. This is designed to be another vapor monster. Like the TFV12 from Smok, the Slydr…

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Evo Solar Smash E-Liquid Review Out Of This World

I am going to start a fight but I don’t care. The conclusion of my Evo Solar Smash e-liquid review is that Solar Smash is the new top fruit flavor vape. Trying to build an ECCR consensus of the absolute best fruit flavored e-juice is unlikely. There are just so many good ones. A while…

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The Envii Loch Ness 150 Watt Mod. Designed In The USA

This one came as a surprise. A very pleasant surprise. The Envii Loch Ness mod was the first Envii product that we have ever tried here at ECCR. I came across it looking for mods designed in the USA and indeed the Envii Loch Ness 150 watt vape mod is designed in Los Angeles. I…

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More Than Half Of UK Vapers Have Totally Quit Smoking

Health officials in the United States have not definitively determined that electronic cigarettes can help smokers quit. Personal testimonials are not accepted as valid by the FDA or most other regulators. Will the FDA ever approve using vaping to quit smoking? We don’t know. Apparently, however, smokers in the UK are not waiting for approval….

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Discount Vape Juice Finding The Hidden Gem Deals

Where can I get discount vape juice? This is a question I ask myself often. Many of you have asked me as well! Look, I like to get a good deal. I know the location of every bargain bin in a five mile radius! Drives my wife crazy. You like to get a good deal,…

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Fact Check.Org Debunks Vaping Popcorn Lung Myth

First the New York Times started defending vaping and now the neutral, legitimate fact check website Fact Check.Org is debunking vaping myths. It is a positive sign that journalists and honest arbiters of truth are beginning to be informed by facts and not headlines. For many years, negative electronic cigarette stories went unchallenged by mainstream…

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