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India to Study Vaping to See Effects

In a country with a sharp divide in attitudes about e-cigarettes, studies are about to be undertaken to see what, if anything, needs to be done to regulate the devices. The government of India does not currently regulate e-cigarettes and vaping products at all, but an opposition to vaping has arisen that says it should…

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The Senators Letter: Pro-Vaping FDA Commissioner under pressure?

On May 9th, vapers got some good news in the appointment of Scott Gottileb as the head of the Food and Drug administration, better known as the FDA. Gottileb is a man that has shown a more favorable attitude towards vaping in a time where there has been a significant amount of push back against…

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Teen Vaping Drops, Smoking Stays Low

The rise in recent years of teen e-cigarette use has worried many who fear that kids will skip cigarettes but get addicted to nicotine through vaping. But now new data shows that teen vaping rates are already on the decline, and smoking rates for the age group are staying low as well. This could mean…

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San Francisco Passes Regressive Vaping Bill

The usually progressive city of San Francisco is taking a step backward on the subject of health with its latest decision on vaping. The city supervisors voted to ban flavors of e-cigarette liquid in an effort to curb youth vaping. If the city board also passes the legislation, it will go into effect in 2018….

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Cue Vapor System E-Cigarette Review Is It Worth It?

The Cue Vapor electronic cigarette is running an infomercial TV campaign promoting their product as ‘vaping made simple. They have a patent pending design of interchangeable cartridges that insert into a subohm vape device. It seems like a great idea! Leak proof, disposable sub ohm refill cartridges. Perhaps ideal for people who want to sub…

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Vaping Does Not Pollute Indoor Air According To Study

Researchers at San Diego State University had an ambitious agenda. They wanted to understand why incidents of childhood respiratory conditions like asthma is so prevalent. To that end, they set out on a massive study to research which particulates are polluting the air in our homes. This study was not about second hand vapor. Nonetheless,…

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Is Vaping As Addictive As Smoking? PATH Study Says No

Is vaping as addictive as smoking? We have new evidence that is adding to our ability to come closer to a definitive, incontrovertible conclusion. The latest Path study is showing us that vaping is not as addictive as smoking. This is actually not surprising and I will elaborate on that shortly. But first let me…

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Svoemesto Kayfun 5 Review Ready For The Big Leagues?

It is the luxury RTA of the vaping world. ECCR’s Svoemesto Kayfun 5 review is going to be try to be brief and to the point. We simply want to get to the heart of the matter short and sweet. That said there are some unique operational features that I want to fully explain.  So…

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Is San Francisco About To Ban E-cig Flavors? Yup.

It certainly appears that as of April 2018 you will not be able to buy flavored electronic cigarettes or e-liquids in the City of San Francisco. The proposed ban includes all tobacco products and extends even to menthol flavors. The city’s supervisors passed the ordinance and this week the city board will vote to confirm…

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