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VaporFi Pro 3 kit

VaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit In-Depth Review

The vaping industry has matured by leaps and bounds in recent years, and companies like VaporFi have been a big part of the reason why that evolution has occurred.  With excellent product design and an attention to performance detail, VaporFi has consistently produced some of the most affordable and high-quality vaping tools available in the…

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Vapor4Life Zeus ECig review

Vapor4 Life Zeus E-Cigs Review 2016

When evaluating any vaping products, the reputation of the company really does matter. Companies with sterling reputations for quality and attention to detail tend to invariably churn out quality products time after time. Rarely is there a break from that pattern of success. Vapor4Life is one of those companies that has spent some time now…

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VaporFi VOX 40 and 80 TC MOD Review

VaporFi VOX 40 and 80 TC MOD 2016 Review

When it comes to producing popular vaping devices and arguably the best ecigs that break new ground in the industry, VaporFi has been making quite a name for itself Some people are still a bit confused about the differences between some of these popular products. Take, for example, the 40-watt and 80-watt models. Aside from…

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The VaporFi VEX-75 and 150 TC MOD Reviews

VaporFi VEX 75 and 150 TC MOD 2016 Review

VaporFi has definitely earned its reputation for quality innovation, and the company continues to come up with new and creative products for its customers. The VaporFi VEX 75 and 150 MOD In just the last few months, they’ve come out with several different lines of box mods that are sure to capture your attention. Recently,…

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Reviewing The VaporFi Pro 3

VaporFi decided to cut out the middle man because Pro 3 atomizers connect directly to the batter. This is a 2.0 ohm atomizer that is large and in charge, literally. The connection on the atomizer itself then threads directly into the battery. The coils are held in place to the tank base with the connection…

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