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Premium hookah | Deluxe Hookah Review

Premium hookah for your next shisha hangout? If you’re bored of traditional hookahs, here is something which may brighten up your life — check out one of the very exclusive mobile hookahs in the world.Hekkpipe Deluxe is the only premium hookah to feature leather and mighty oak which makes it a really exclusive hookah. Deluxe…

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Here at Hookah Me Up, we know that the power of the lounge draws you in, but the majority of you also smoke in your home. Packing the perfect hookah bowl is as much an art as it is a science. There is the Vortex bowl, the funnel bowl, the traditional clay Egyptian jar, and…

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Hookah Pens

Introduction of Hookah Pens

If you haven’t yet encountered a hookah pen in your journey through the best electronic cigarettes, then you might hear the term and imagine some giant caterpillar blowing vapor rings around a young blonde girl in an imaginary world just beyond the mirror’s edge. Well, Alice and her friends have nothing on the real-life vaping…

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