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E-Liquid Beginners Guide

We like to say vapor production is the most important factor in our reviews. Ok, that may be true, but who wants a lot of vapor if it doesn’t taste good? With so many e-liquids out there, why settle for a taste that you don’t love? Even if you know exactly which starter kit you…

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Mad Hatter E-Juice Review

Mad Hatter E-Juice Review

Mad Hatter have certainly introduced some exciting and popular flavors to the market. Mad Hatter e-juice is the same company that brought us the I Love Donuts juice awhile back, and that flavor sensation earned them a tremendous amount of praise. As it turns out, the company’s love wasn’t just restricted to Homer Simpson’s favorite…

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Virgin Vape Organic E-Juice

Virgin Vape Organic E-Juice Review

Virgin Vapor is one of the largest organic e-juice vendors on the market. Coming from California, these guys take massive pride in being one of the few true organic manufacturers in the US, and heavily rely on the fact organic simply tastes better. Organic ejuice is rapidly becoming in demand by vapers and Virgin Vapor is…

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Beard Vape ejuice Review

Beard Vape E Juice Review

Beard Vape is a common e-liquid that many serious vapers turn to over and over again. Admittedly, the concept of the bearded hipster happily vaping away on one of the best electronic cigarettes remains nothing more than a stereotype. The reality is that the vaping community is a diverse lot, drawn from every walk of…

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Five Pawns e-liquid packaging

Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid Review

Well! Today I will introduce to you a new e-liquid:Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid and share my review of Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid with you! Five Pawns Packaging Review As stated above, Five Pawns packages each bottle in a cardboard tube that is capped with a black top. Every tube is labeled with branding…

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New Vape Wild E-Juice Review

We put out a detailed Vape Wild review that took a look at a huge selection of e-juices, and they were generally excellent after receiving tons of votes in our poll of the best e-juice brands. Vape Wild is one of the most widely-loved e-juice companies in the industry. But Vape Wild hasn’t stopped putting out…

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Halo E-Liquid In-Depth Review

Halo is among the better known brands in the e-liquid market. Based in the United States, the company is among the oldest manufacturers making these e-juices, and its market encompasses a large portion of the globe. There are thousands of individual customer reviews to be found, and they all seem to be satisfied – so…

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e- Liquid

Is E-Liquid Really Dangerous?

Is e-liquid really dangerous? As we will see, the answer to that question depends on who you believe, and from what vantage point you are viewing the issue. Firstly, most claims about the dangers associated with liquid nicotine center on three serious risks: their availability to children, their use by people who might otherwise never…

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VaporFi Vape Juice

New VaporFi Vape Juice Review

Over the years, VaporFi’s e-liquid range has been getting fancier and fancier. At first, like many other companies, they offered tons of different flavors of e-juice, but it was more low-price than high-quality. Now, working with Cosmic Fog, VaporFi has released two juices with the help of Cosmic Fog, and put out some extra flavors…

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