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Blu Electronic-Cigarette Review

Just about everyone who’s made the transition from regular cigarette to vaping has at one time or another come across the Blu e-cig line. Blu Cigs is one of the larger e-cig companies out there, and is often mentioned in press reports whenever vaping is discussed. That’s because their market penetration and accessibility is neat universal in many places in the West. You can find them in virtually all convenience stores and gas stations across the country. For advanced vapers, the Blu line is a step backward in quality and capability. However, for entry-level electronic cigarette users, Blu provides an important option for those who are trying to get free from cigarette addiction. In this Blu e-cig review, we’ll take a look at just how well the company’s products do – both on their own and when compared to other vaping options.

The Blu Line

As noted, Blu is well-known at this point, and their products are easy to find. They have designed their product line to ensure that there is something for nearly every beginning vaper – and there are many who continue to use Blu e-cigs even beyond their beginning stage of vaping development. The products come in three main kits that include the original Blu offerings, their Premium kit, and their Premium 100.

The Blu PLUS+ Xpress Kit

The Plus express kit from bluThe Original Blu is one that many ex-smokers have tried. The kit includes everything that a new vaper needs to get his or her nicotine without burning an analog cigarette, making it a great first step on the path toward a smoke-free life. Of course, it’s a kit and that can mean different things for different products and people. So, what does it have within its packaging?

When you open the kit, you’ll find that the e-cig comes with 1 battery and a USB charger and wall adapter to enable you to power one up while you’re using the other. There are also 2 cartridges included. The cartridges each contain e-liquid that come in either tobacco flavor (a great option for those not quite ready to give up on their cigarette taste yet) or menthol. You can even buy kits that come with a mix of different flavors. The Original kit is priced at just under $12.

The Blu PLUS+ Recharge Kit

The Plus rechargable kitWith the PLUS+ kit, you get those two batteries, charger and wall adapter, cartridges, and a portable charger to use on the go. There’s even a feature you can turn on to keep in touch with other Blu users – though you might not want to be broadcasting your location to people you don’t know. That kit is around $43. For another $10 on top of that cost, you can get the Premium 100 that has everything the premium offers plus bigger batteries and cartridges. In other words, it provides a little more vaping life for your e-cigs.

How Good Are They?

To judge these products, it is important to understand what they are designed to accomplish. These are not advanced vaping devices by any stretch of the imagination. They are not clearomizers or mod-based e-cigs that offer a wide variety of options, or even the best e-liquid choices. Instead, they are simple atomizer products that work to deliver the nicotine you crave in a way that avoids the toxins provided by analog cigarettes.

blu cartridges - flavorWith that said, this can be a great introduction to vaping for anyone who wants to quit smoking. The liquids are all VG-based, so they do have the extra bit of sweet flavoring that some people might need to counter that mechanical-taste expectation that can sometimes deter new vapers from trying different products.

The battery life of the Original and Premium varieties is somewhat limited, clocking in at around two hours’ usage for each. That will mean that you need to switch batteries out with regularity, and that can be bothersome. Worse, the taste of the e-liquid suffers as the battery loses its charge. Of course, that can happen with many clearomizers as well, so it shouldn’t come as a real surprise.

There are a number of flavors you can choose from. In addition to the tobacco and menthol flavors mentioned above, there are also Pina Colada, Java, Peach Schnapps, Cherry Crush, and Vivid Vanilla. They all seem to have a nice, pleasant taste to them, and should be a good way for new users to get their nicotine without missing those burning embers too much. Just be wary of those more burnt hits you might encounter as the cartridge gets empty.

Pros and Cons

This is really a mid-level beginner e-cig, and probably won’t appeal much – if at all – to more experienced vapers. However, that’s not really the market that Blu is targeting anyway. Its marketing and product placement strategy pretty much tell the tale in that regard, with an emphasis on convenient locations where people can easily come into casual contact with the brand.

On the plus side, Blu does deliver the nicotine you need and its flavors are all acceptably pleasant. The products themselves are well-constructed, especially for something that is designed to use disposable cartridges. And some people might actually find a use for the social function – especially people in larger cities who might run out of battery juice while out and about.

One the downside, however, there is the cost factor to consider. There are clearomizer e-cigs that provide better batteries, greater longevity, and improved flavor, and at just a fraction of the price. Logic is one brand that comes immediately to mind. In addition to the cost, there is also the limited battery life and the fact that cartridge flavor is inconsistent at times.


On the whole, though, there is a reason why Blu is as widely-known as it is. The products available are easy to use, and just low enough in cost to make them attractive for new vapers looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes, although they are far from the best electronic cigarette in this class. If you’re an advanced vaper, there are obviously superior options out there. If you’re a newcomer, however, they’re a welcome introduction to the vaping experience.

Blu Electronic-Cigarette

Electronic Cigarettes • August 25, 2016

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