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The Wismec Noisy Cricket II Mech Mod

The Best Mech Mods of 2016

In reality, though, you don’t need to be an expert with years of vaping experience to appreciate the results that a mech mod can offer. These are, after all, fairly basic vaporizer devices. They’re comprised of a tube that houses a rechargeable battery more often that not the 18650 battery. There’s generally a button located on the tube that powers up the atomizer with unregulated current. Thus, they are similar to advanced personal vaporizers – just without all those special protective features.

While their rebuildable attributed might make mech mods a little too much for many beginners to handle, others just need some basic instruction to begin to use them. Still, both beginners and advanced users alike need to know which mech mods they can rely on and which they should avoid.


The Wismic Noisy Cricket II

The Wismec Noisy Cricket II Mech ModAs mech mods go, you’ll have a hard time finding a good one for less money than the $35 this unit commands. It’s not for the inexperienced, of course, since it includes even fewer safety features than most of its peers. There are no markers to help identify polarity, which can make it difficult for some users to manage. Still, the device does offer a tremendous amount of power to its users, and can be ideal if you’re into chasing the room-filling clouds. It even comes in six different colors, and is relatively compact at a height of 79mm.

best mechanical mod 2016

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