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Australian Women Chains Herself To Quit Cigarettes

This is a bit extreme! An Australian woman has chained herself in her bedroom to quit cigarettes. The New York Post picked up the story from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The woman, named Krystel, is 34 years old and has been smoking for 20 years. She has tried numerous methods of quitting smoking yet none ave worked. She has even considered getting arrested to quit smoking because as she said “I have thought about getting arrested because the only place in Australia you can quit [smoking] is prison.”

Krystel knows the benefits of quitting smoking. The quitting smoking timeline is clear and we know that kicking cigarettes to the curb is beneficial to health. For the last 11 days Krystel has been chained to her bed with an eleven foot chain. She can reach the bathroom and has access to food and drink. She stocked up on canned food and snacks and she is ready to see this through. Once in the past eleven days when she was unchained, she did smoke a cigarette. But she is back on track now and currently she is on her longest streak of not smoking since she started 20 years ago.

Her family is supporting her and keeping an eye on her. She realizes that many people might consider her a “nutter” because of her actions but Krystel says she’d rather be thought of of a nutter than be dead from tobacco.

Extreme Quit Smoking Method?

I don’t think Krystel is a nutter. We understand the frustration. Many of us at ECCR and many of you have been there. Now chaining oneself up is an extreme measure. There is a lot that can go wrong with such an extreme plan. It would be a better idea to keep trying other methods until something works. Krystel is obviously someone at her wits end and trying something desperate. She says that she will stay chained up for many more weeks if necessary. Hopefully, she will feel as though she can unchain herself sooner rather than later.

Australia has some very strict electronic cigarette laws. The ABC story from Australia never really got into whether or not Krystel considered vaping to quit cigarettes. But I feel like this story of a desperate woman’s plight should leave us with no doubt that we need more alternatives for smokers and not less.


Electronic Cigarettes • June 15, 2017

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