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The Nautilus 2 Tank in 3 colors with their coils

Aspire Zelos 50W Kit With Nautilus 2 Review

Aspire is well known in the industry of vaping having released a number of successful kits in the past. But many say they are slightly behind in their innovation and their attempt to be one of the best box mod manufacturers available is somewhat behind. But now they are aiming at changing that view with the release of the Aspire Zelo kit, which promises to compete with the most advanced box mods on the market. And here’s our review of the Aspire Zelos 50W Kit With Nautilus 2. Check it out, below.

Aspire Zelos 50W Kit With Nautilus 2 Review

The Kit

The Aspire Zelos Kit with Nautilus 2 is made of high-quality zinc and aluminum alloy, they have obviously concentrated heavily on the look of this kit as we found it absolutely gorgeous to look at! The Kit is a compact 50W mod aimed at advanced and intermediate users looking for a light and small device for vaping on the go. This ergonomically designed device runs on a 2500mah high-drain built in battery and comes with a host of features such as temperature controls and various vaping effects that allow users to customize their vaping experience.

Available colors of the Zelos Kit

The Zelos Kit comes in standard packaging- a well-shaped device with black, red or grey color scheme as shown above and contains micro-USB upgrade/charging cable, a user manual and other informative leaflets. It might not be the most generous vaping kit, but it’s up there with the rest. It has everything that a vaper may need to have the best vaping experience.

Aspire Zelos Kit in Different Colors

This device measures 23mm X 128mm with a 2ml tank capacity and a 2500mah battary. The slim, elongated design feels very comfortable in hand, especially for people with tiny hands. Once you purchase the Aspire Zelos Kit with Nautilus 2, it will be your go-to device for long hikes and outings. It fits well in small pockets, and it’s so light that you won’t even feel it.

The Aspire Zelos Kit with Nautilus 2 is made of high-quality zinc and aluminum alloy, they have obviously concentrated heavily on the look of this kit as we found it absolutely gorgeous to look at!


The Hype

The Aspire Zelos Kit comes with the Nautilus 2 tank which was released slightly before the release of the kit. It has received really good feedback by vapers and a definte improvement to their previuos releases. But to us we thought they are trying to cater for 2 different types of vaper with one tank. That is it comes with 2 different coils, the pre-made 0.7-ohm coil for those sub ohm vapers amongst us and the 1.8 ohms (10-14W) BVC coil head to offer those vapers who still prefer to vape mouth to lung. The Nautilus 2 Tank in 3 colors with their coils  Now although this is good for new vapers, if like most box mod vapers you use sub ohm coils, the 1.8 coil is completely useless, why don’t they just offer an option to have a spare 0.7 coil instead?

Back to the tank; the bottom airflow (adjuster) allow you to control the airflow and as we like a huge flow of air we always have it wide open and were presently surprised with the flow, a real thumbs up from us on this! It has a top-fill design which keeps the tank easy to use and holds 2ml of juice, which is a little low but aimed at conforming with the European regulations…

The variable wattage and voltage settings are pretty easy to work out, we managed it without even looking at the instructions. It also has temperature control but this really is one of those features that a lot of box mods have but only a few use! But it’s nice that it’s there! One additional feature we haven’t seen is the ability to adjust the wattage under its TC mode. All these features coupled with its stylish design makes the Kit a pretty attractive box mod!



  • It has a solid and ergonomic design making it comfortable to hold in your hand.
  • It has a decent output of 50W and a powerful battery capacity of 2500mah.
  • This device has an automatic display adjustment.
  • It also has an easy top-fill design.
  • Different coil heads offer both mouth to lung and direct lung styles of vaping.
  • Precise airflow control.



Smart performance, portability and the look of the Zelos are three major factors that make this box mod really good and put Aspire back on the map as one of the leading and best e cig manufacturers. Packing a punch to a max 50W (most vapers vape at around 20-40W), its temperature control functions, and the option to upgrade its firmware makes this device not only versatile but also perfect for long trips away from a power source. Although many complain about the non use of an 18650 battery as experienced vapers have many of these as spares! Well-built from high-quality zinc and aluminum alloy for a sturdy and lightweight mod, the Aspire Zelos Kit with Nautilus 2 is the new sheriff in town.

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