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Apollo Fa-Q Funky Monkey Max VG E-Juice Go Full Cloud

Are you a cloud chaser or dripper who loves the clouds but wishes you could get more flavor? If so then you ought to take a look at Apollo Fa-Q Funky Monkey max VG e-juice. If you haven’t heard of Apollo then we strongly recommend you put this brand on your radar. Apollo has been in the industry since the early days. The California company was one of the first to invest in their own US based e-liquid lab. See the Apollo e-juice lab and how e-liquid is made here.

So the chemists at Apollo are also vapers. Passionate, intense vapers to be clear. They are serious about getting flavors right. That brings us to Fa-Q Mx VG e-juice. Yes, Fa-Q, we know how it sounds when you pronounce it! Catchy name! That’s Apollo. They like to work hard on their e-liquids and have fun. And with developing a maximum VG for maximum cloud production, Apollo’s chemists sought to find a blend that could succeed where other Max VGs fail.

For one second let’s go back to the basics with what is e-juice? E-juice is a blend of vegetable glycerin, VG, and or PG, propylene glycol. VG and PG are both food grade compounds that are recognized as safe. The other ingredients are flavor and nicotine. VG is thicker than PG and makes for more vapor whereas PG is thinner but carries flavor better. So with a Max VG you have to give up on flavor. Max VG blends produce monumental vape clouds but the main complaint is the lack of flavor. Well Apollo’s team has created a Max VG that delivers in clouds and flavor.



Apollo Fa-Q Funky Monkey Max VG E-Juice

Apollo Fa-Q Funky Monkey Max VG e-juice is truly a max VG. There is just enough PG to ensure an enjoyable flavor experience. What kind of flavors do you get with Funky Monkey? Well you get what a monkey would love and that is bananas! Yes a banana flavor with some ripe strawberry and topped off with a hint of kiwi flavor. It is a fun, fruit blend that is fresh and sweet.

FLAVORS: Banana, strawberry and kiwi.

On the inhale, you do get the full sense of a large amount of dense vapor. On the exhale you do get the sweet flavor notes. By the way the exhale includes a very large and thick vapor cloud. I paired Funky Monkey with my Apollo Reliant mod set to 60 watts and the vaping was awesome. I imagine that vaping at 100 watts and up the clouds would be ever and ever larger.

I get more flavor with Fa-Q Funky Monkey Max VG e-juice than I thought I would. It is very enjoyable. The flavor is definitely not overpowering, no MX VG is, but the flavor you do get really hits the spot especially on the finish. Hats off to the team at Apollo for a VG juice that delivers on both flavor and vapor.

Go to Apollo Ecigs and check out all that they have going on including the Funky Monkey Max VG e-juice. Use coupon code ECCR to get yourself a nice discount if you decide to buy. Max VG vapers, give Fa-Q a try and get some Funky Monkey flavors to go with your clouds.

banana strawberry kiwi max vg e-liquid flavors


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Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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