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Anti-Vaping Propaganda Is Working According To New Survey

They’ve got access to your money, no fear of spending it, and they can differentiate vaping from smoking. I am talking about the anti-vaping special interests. From the group that uses your money that funds the CDC to call vapers stupid sheep to all of your money that funds the anti-vaping propaganda site So yes they have no shame, they will use insults and they are more than happy to spend your money to misinform the public about vaping.

Get a load of the hypocrisy. Let’s look at Still Blowing Smoke. There LOVE, they ell oh vee ee spending your money. It’s like their top thing to do, to spend your money. They tell people on their website and on TV commercials that nicotine is the devil. Okay, there is a legitimate debate as to the question of ‘is nicotine bad for you or not‘ but nicotine does not cause cancer. Nicotine is a stimulant and we all know young people should not use it. So, Still Blowing Smoke basically portrays nicotine as a terrible, dangerous chemical in connection with electronic cigarettes. But the people who run the website turn around and RECOMMEND nicotine replacement therapies provided by their friends at Big Pharma. So nicotine in e-cigs is the devil but nicotine in Big Pharma products is wonderful!

These are the forces that vaping and electronic cigarettes are up against. This type of mindless, thoughtless criticism is delivered with a purpose. And that purpose is not to engage in legitimate debate in response to the horrors of tobacco hair. Not that purpose is to conflate vaping with smoking. To make them equal. To make people see smoking and vaping as the same thing. Why do you think they have been trying to associate the vaping community with Big Tobacco since day 1?

Anti-Vaping Propaganda Is Working

This past week, we saw more evidence that e-cig misinformation is taking a toll on public opinion. The public perception of electronic cigarettes has been steadily deteriorating over a number of years especially since anti-vaping people have gotten a hold of your money to spread a message. More and more people essentially see vaping and smoking as the same thing. The end result is that smokers are basically encouraged to continue on the path that they are on because vaping is just as bad. Contrast that with England where public health agencies are urging people to stop smoking and start vaping! Is that a difference of a country where health care costs are born by the public vs a country where health care is all about profits?

Last week, a new study showed that in there last couple of years the number of people who feel that vaping is safer than smoking has declined. In 2012, 50% of people believed that vaping is not as dangerous as smoking. In 2014 only 43% of people surveyed believed that vaping is not as dangerous as tobacco. The researchers took a victory lap.



The researchers from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s department of health policy and management and the leader of the study, promotes the spread of e-cig misinformation. They feel as though government and policy makers do not do enough to scare people away from vaping. Seriously! They think that in spite of taxpayer money going into campaigns to scare people about nicotine with vapor products and then promote Big Pharma nicotine replacements. They think that in spite of taxpayer money spent calling vapers stupid sheep!

And oh, by the way, the Johns Hopkins researchers that proudly announced how well e-cig misinformation is working got their money for this study from the government, too! Yes folks, you paid for this analysis of existing surveys that proudly exclaimed that more and more people are viewing e-cigs as just as dangerous as smoking.



Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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