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American Heart Association “Disturbed” That Teens Use Ecigs Instead of Tobacco

The American Heart Association recently made a statement that has health experts reeling. In an unprecedented press release, the AHA actually stated, “While the downward trend in teen cigarette smoking is a wonderful victory, this success has been sullied by the disturbing trend of young Americans turning to e-cigarettes and cigarillos, and away from traditional cigarettes.”

This statement flies in the face of every statement previously given by the Heart Association. It is completely contradictory to the long-standing, universal villainization of smoking. Though the AHA has invested billions in turning kids away from smoking, they are now backpedaling.

It appears that the Heart Association is more married to their position regarding traditional cigarettes, then to promoting healthier alternatives. It can be hypothesized that AHA and other anti-smoking organizations are more disturbed by the e-cigarette shakeup then by the continued habit of smoking cancer sticks.

Historically, the association has seen any decline in cigarette smoking as an unqualified victory. However, this statement reveals a chink in their position. In short, the assertion makes no sense. It is interesting to note that the release was not made at the spur of the moment, but as an actual prepared statement by the organization.

The statement also belies ignorance about the valuable impact e-cigarettes have had in helping people turn away from combustible smoking. Even though people are quitting smoking or drastically cutting down on tobacco use because they are vaping, the Heart Association still sees this as problematic.

The concern is not arising from the fact that e-cigarettes have been shown to be unhealthy, or because they are biochemically addictive, and certainly not because there have been any serious health issues linked to ecigs. The American Heart Association asserts that e-cigarettes are a disaster for the simple fact that vaping is enjoyable.

Ironically, the nicotine use may not be the primary cause of the Heart Association’s criticism of ecigarettes. Kids who chose nicotine free ecigs did not change the AHA’s stance on the devastating impact of vapor devices. So, in essence, they are asserting that inhaling any harmless flavored product is bad for the sole reason that it might look like a cigarette.

In this statement the American Heart Association has disregarded all logical thought, scientific evidence, and reason. There is no other conclusion except that the American Heart Association is more concerned with keeping up appearances than with actual health.

Do you find the recent statements from the AHA disturbing?

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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