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Alaska’s New TV Ad Implies Ecigs Contain Nail Polish Remover and Embalming Fluid

The debate about ecig safety continues to spread across the United States, but the latest anti-ecig sentiments are possibly the most outrageous yet. While we’ve heard many health “experts” make false claims about ecigs, Alaska’s health authorities have taken it to a whole new level with a television ad campaign that alleges ecigs cause brain damage. The commercial also insinuates that ecigs contain nail polish remover and embalming fluid and can cause you to develop asthma.

Of course, a quick look at science shows that ecigs do not contain these toxins and vaping won’t give you asthma. However, research does suggest that smokers who suffer from asthma show major improvement in their symptoms after switching to ecigs.

Alaska’s Chief Medical Examiner also claimed that ecigarettes pose a greater risk to teenagers than actual tobacco products. Dr. Jay Butler made the shocking allegations in an interview with KTTV News. He told the reporter that ecigs pose a serious threat because they are so enticing to the younger generation. “We do see more kids using e-cigarettes now than smoking, so e-cigarettes right now are the neatest, shiniest thing and they’re kind of cool so in that sense they do provide a riskier alternative to cigarettes.”

When he was criticized for his statements, Butler claimed they were taken out of context, However, a quick look back at comments from Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services Commissioner, Valerie Davidson, will reveal that the state’s health authorities will stop at nothing to discredit the ecig industry.

In an article published in Alaska Dispatch News, the Davidson said, “If we know that kids think e-cigarettes are not smoking and e-cigarettes are ok and they’re a better alternative to smoking, we need to let them know that they are just as harmful, and perhaps more harmful, than smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco.”

Of course it doesn’t end there. Davidson actually went so far as to allege that ecigs are tobacco products, which they clearly are not since they contain zero tobacco. “We all have known for a long time the dangers of tobacco use and the dangers of nicotine use, but for some kids they don’t think of e-cigarettes as necessarily being cigarettes or being tobacco, but they are.”

So why would Alaska’s health authorities be so determined to kill the vaping movement? Conspiracy theories abound – politicians who depend on tobacco lobbyist money, the push from Big Pharma, fear of losing tobacco tax dollars. No matter what is motivating Alaska’s display of willful ignorance, it is irresponsible and it could ultimately cost people their lives.

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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