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Here at Hookah Me Up, we know that the power of the lounge draws you in, but the majority of you also smoke in your home. Packing the perfect hookah bowl is as much an art as it is a science. There is the Vortex bowl, the funnel bowl, the traditional clay Egyptian jar, and the contemporary ceramic bowl (we use them when we are not packaging in a skillet ). These may be easily recognized since the holes will be on the bottom of the bowl, and the shisha is placed directly above these holes. A Vortex bowl features a centre spire with holes on top of the spire, and a funnel bowl features a center spire with a single large hole at the top of the spire.
The process of loading a hookah bowl is quite similar whatever the type of bowl you are using. After selecting your bowl, then you will want to pay attention to your shisha tobacco. Shisha comes tightly packed in it’s own juices to ensure longevity and to keep the hookah tobacco moist. We suggest getting a paper plate or little bowl for it. Catch a pinch of shisha between your palms and gently break the shisha up over the plate or bowl. You wish to focus on dividing any huge clumps and if you find any large stems, remove them and set aside. Once you have enough shisha split (generally about 10-15 g ) we can start to load the bowl.

The key things to think about while loading your bowl of hookah tobacco would be airflow, and the total amount of distance between your hookah foil or bowl screen and the top of the shisha. Without proper airflow, the heat from the coals will not efficiently mix with the shisha tobacco and you’ll receive lean, air-filled smoke.
The last step in loading a perfect hookah bowl is the hookah foil, or bowl screen that’ll sit together with this bowl and support that the hookah coals. At Hookah Me Up, we use hookah foil using a noticable thickness to it. If you’re using a bowl display, simply set the display over the bowl, bend down the tabs to fasten, and you are all set. With hookah foil (that I would advise using) you will find a couple more steps but it is still quite simple.
First, grab a sheet of foil and place it over your loaded bowl of shisha tobacco. Ensure that the foil is taught on top of the bowl to ensure that your coals remain suspended above the shisha. If the foil is not on tight enough the weight of this coals will make the foil sag and your coals will sit on top of your shisha, inducing a”burnt” flavor and noticably bad smoking experience.

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