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75 Percent Off South Beach Smoke Starter Kits Easy To Use

Are you an adult tobacco consumer thinking about trying a vapor product but do not want to spend a lot of money? Or are you an experienced vaper looking for a portable, reliable and easy to use back-up? If so then you should take note that South Beach Smoke has slashed the prices on vape kits by 75%. There are five e-cig starter kits, five basic mod kits and South Beach is taking 75% off of the price of every one of them.

The 10 different vape kits give you a lot of options and I will get into some of them. First I want to tell you that South Beach makes excellent quality vapor products. Nothing fancy or complicated, perhaps nothing here for the advanced vaper, but a whole lot here for people looking for an excellent quality product at a very low price. By the way, if you advanced vapers are still reading you may want to consider one of these kits for a back up or travel e-cig and you should definitely check out South Beach E-Liquids.

South Beach Smoke Starter Kits On Sale


south beach starter kit

South Beach Smoke has 5 cigalike starter kits to choose from. The prices range from $9.99 to $53.75. Now to be straight the $9.99 kit comes with a battery, a charger and two cartridges. It is a great way to try vaping but you will get the best deals with a larger kit. That’s the beauty of this sale. You can get a full, complete kit and save huge. For example you can get a kit with 2 SuperMax e-cig batteries, 2 chargers and 10 refill cartridges for $19.99. This is half the price of comparable kits from other companies and 25% of the price people were paying for e-cig kits in 2012.

Portable Charger Case

I will recommend picking up the Deluxe Ultimate Kit. You can see more in our South Beach Ultimate Kit review here. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking “of course you are recommending the most expensive one”. Okay seriously, all the kits are great and you should pick the one that fits your budget or comfort zone but I recommend the Deluxe Ultimate kit for a couple of very good reasons. Number 1, you get 20 South Beach e-cig refill cartridges right off the bat. You can pick from 16 different flavors and five nicotine strength levels.

Next, you get a portable charger case. Now there was a time in the industry when a portable charger case was all the rage. With a portable charger case, PCC, you can store and charge your e-cig batteries in a convenient, protective case that is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. As people moved into mods portable charger cases became passé. In fact, only people that have been vaping for several years probably even know about PCCs. But for my money, I think PCCs are an invaluable asset for vapers.

Not only does a PCC charge your batteries anywhere and anytime, but a PCC also serves as a case. Nobody is offering PCCs anymore but, thankfully, at South Beach Smoke you can still get one included with a Deluxe Ultimate kit

So all of the kits are great and there is one for any budget.

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South Beach Smoke Mods

the ecig business for tanks is growing fast

If you are looking for an easy to use mod South Beach Smoke has five to choose from. They are all standard mods, there are no complicated subohm or temp control mods. Fun, enjoyable and easy to use is what South Beach Smoke specializes in. I like to call them the fun e-cig brand! Anyway, you will find the mods on the South Beach website in the “vaporizer” section. Prices start at $16.25 for the South Beach Storm and Curve eGo style mods. By the way, you can also build your own e-cigarette right on the website. You choose the body style, the color, the tank … everything. Let your imagination go wild and have fun! A pink battery and a purple tank.. why not?

The South Beach Smoke Air is a compact, portable refillable e-cig that a lot of vapers enjoy as a back up. The best vapor maker of the bunch is the South Beach Smoke Thunder. The Thunder actually has a couple of easy to use customizable vaping features. You can adjust the power output in volts (we like 4.2 Volts) and you can adjust the airflow.

I am going to end here so you can go to the South Beach website and check things out for yourself. I know, you want more and more of my dynamic and captivating writing style free of errers. But, alas, I know some of you are ready to click below and see these vape kits for yourself. So I bid you farewell until next time. Just so you do know, South Beach Smoke also offers top quality USA made e-juice with almost endless flavor options.

south beach smoke vape kits for sale


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