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4 Common Vaping Mistakes New Vapers Should Avoid

Vaping can certainly be very enjoyable. To get the most out of vaping, we want to help you to avoid common vaping mistakes that ‘newbies’ often make. These tips are based on feedback from our readers so our list may be different than other generic lists you see on the web.

At ECCR we are driven by our visitors and to answer real questions. We certainly keep on top of all of the latest vaping trends, topics and products. While we do review advanced, complex vaping products we always try and keep in mind that many of our readers may be new to electronic cigarettes. By the way, if you are wondering about all of these odd sounding vaping terms, make sure to take a look at our E-cig FAQ section.

So let’s take a look at some of the common vaping mistakes that new vapers are experiencing. And thank you to all of you that contact us with your questions, advice and experiences. You are the driving force behind this site. Your questions, advice, experiences and concerns are always welcome. Let’s get started.

Vaping Mistakes #1

Too much, too soon!

I often hear from someone new to vaping asking me how to use an advanced subohm mod. First sub ohm vaping is not like smoking. With subohm or temperature control vaping you draw the vapor directly into the lungs and exhale large vapor clouds. It is a different action. Second, sub ohm mods can be complicated and you will need to know what wattage to set your mod to in relation to your atomizer resistance. It can be too much too soon.

If you are interested take a look at our temperature control and sub ohm vaping guide here.

When you go to a vape shop or to most websites, they will promote the high end, complex products even if you are new to electronic cigarettes. That should not be happening. We are always hearing from people who are frustrated with trying to use a device that they are not enjoying. This is easy to avoid. Start out nice and easy by keeping it simple.

To get started in vaping, you don’t need an expensive complex mod. Stay in control of your choices. Buy online rather than retail where there may be a tendency to sell you what is in stock vs what is right for you. Get something easy and enjoyable. Use our beginners vaping guide to help you pick. Here are three recommendations for easy to use electronic cigarettes. With any of these three choices, you will not have to worry about adjusting any settings. All of these are plug and play standard e-cigarettes.

Three Easy To Use E-Cigs

halo cigs coupon code for any purchase

Often new vapers want something familiar as in something that looks like a cigarette. Or, as they are called, a cigalike. There are not many good cigalikes. If you have ever bought one from a convenience store I’m not telling you something that you don’t know! For a good quality cigalike and excellent long-term value you should check out the Halo G6 electronic cigarette.

The Halo G6 is affordable and you get a complete kit. Refill cartridges are superior to and cost less than the ones you buy in corner stores and gas stations. By the way, Halo refill cartridges contain Halo’s award winning USA made e-liquid.

Go To Halo And See The G6 E-Cig


Easy To Use Mod

Speaking of Halo Cigs, they also make a very easy to use vape mod. A basic vape mod is easy to use and produces more vapor than a typical cigalike. You will have a hard time finding a better product and value than the Halo Triton 2 vape mod. The kit comes with two full mods and tanks in addition to a bottle of Halo e-liquid. You simply fill the tank with e-liquid, wait five minutes for the wick to be fully saturated and then start vaping.

Which nicotine strength is right for you? Let me give you a very quick guideline. With the Triton 2 kit you will have your choice of PG e-liquid. PG e-liquid is what you want for a standard vape mod. VG e-liquids are for subohm and temp control. If you are an adult tobacco consumer who smokes a pack per day or more choose the 24 mg. If you are over a half pack but less than one choose 18 mg. And if you are right around the half pack mark then the 12 mg might be the best choice. Casual tobacco consumers should opt for a 6 mg nicotine level.

See The Halo Triton 2 For Yourself Here


I also want to recommend taking a look at VaporFi’s beginner e-cigarettes. VaporFi is a top quality US vape brand with a lot to offer. They offer a money back guarantee and warranty protection. They simply have so much to choose from and unlike most companies they consider the needs of beginners. Both the Vaporfi Express and the Express bundle kit are designed to be consistent, enjoyable vapor producers that are very easy to use. The one that I like to tell people about is the VaporFi Pro 3 e-cig.

The Pro 3 is sleek, easy to use and durable. You can choose from a large number of color options, too. I really like the fact that changing atomizers is so easy to do with this device. So if you are interested go take a look at the Pro 3 and the other beginner options offered by VaporFi.

See The VaporFi Easy To Use E-Cigs Here


Vaping Mistakes #2

Choosing the wrong e-liquid!

The next common vaping mistake from new vapers that I am hearing about involves choosing the wrong e-liquid. And by wrong e-liquid I am talking about the wrong PG/VG ratio for the device that is being used. I stress the proper e-liquid and explain why in my electronic cigarette reviews. I understand that this vaping mistake is common and it frustrates a lot of people. Here’s a typical e-mail.”

Hi. I have an Aspire Nautilus and every time I put in a new coil I get good vapor for about two hours. Then the draw gets stiff and there is not much vapor. I am going through coil after coil. I always check the code so I know I have authentic coils. Usually I vape at 3.8 volts. What is going on?”

That was a retired teacher named Sandy from Houston.

Choose the right VG / PG e-liquid

Okay so right away I suspect she is using a VG e-liquid that is gumming up her coils. After a quick email exchange I conform this and the problem is solved when Sandy switched to a 50/50 e-liquid. A PG e-liquid would work for her as well.

What is e-juice? Learn more here.

I was getting emails like this so often I decided to conduct a field experiment. I went to 7 vape shops in my area and not one of them had a 50/50 or PG e-liquid. Vape shops cater more to the experienced hobbyist who enjoys subohm or temp control vaping. They have limited shelf space and have to provide what their customers demand. As a result many shops only carry VG e-juice.

So here is a rule to help. If the atomizer that you are using is above 1.0 ohms use a PG e-liquid or a 50 / 50 PG / VG e-liquid. If you have a hard time finding a proper e-liquid at a shop don’t be afraid to buy online. You can order custom e-juices suitable for your mod.

vaporfi e-liquids are made in the usa

Vaping Mistakes #3

Cheap E-Cigs And Clones.

Cheap, low quality equipment is a two-headed monster. First, there are a lot of lower quality products out there. There are hundreds of vape brands and many are not too good, shall we say. Second, there is the issue of clones. Hold on to your socks. We’re going to China.

In China, there are some exceptional, innovative high quality electronic cigarette manufacturers. They make impeccable quality products and adhere to a quality control protocol that is second to none. Companies like Eigate Aspire, Innokin, Smoktech, Kangertech and a couple dozen others are top notch. Here’s the kicker. In a small area in the industrial city of Shenzhen, China you will find all of the e-cigarette factories. 600 of them.

So if a couple dozen factories are making the good products, what are the rest doing? Glad you asked. They are making clones. They are making copies of the successful products and selling them as authentic. Clones are pervasive in the market. You can find them in shops, online, on online sites that allow people to post and sell. They are everywhere. Check your authenticity codes after purchase! Clones are low quality copies that do not deliver a quality vaping experience.

The bottom line here is this. Buy only authentic product from trusted vendors. Or by from one of the best American e-cig companies. Try and stay away from cheap junk and clones.

Vaping Mistakes #4

Coils and maintenance.

Some of the common vaping mistakes that we are hearing about involve people who say they are always getting a burnt taste when vaping. Even when they put in a new coil. Typically, I can help resolve this issue with one email exchange. I ask this question, “After you put in a new coil and fill your tank with e-juice, do you give it 5 to 10 minutes to saturate the wick?” The answer is often “No.” This is an easy fix, after installing a new coil, wait 5 to ten minutes before vaping.

The heating element in an atomizer is metal. The wick that is saturated by e-liquid is cotton. If you fire the atomizer by trying to vape while the cotton is still dry, it will burn. And then you will have the burnt taste.

Another thing you can do to help is after waiting the 5 or 10 minutes, take a couple of puffs without touching the fire button. The air suction that you generate will pull more e-juice into the coils making double sure you have total saturation. You can also prime the coils which involves putting a few drops of e-juice into the cotton before installing the atomizer. But with standard vaping coils I think it is best to observe the 5 to 10 minute rule.

After you have been vaping for anywhere from 7 to 21 days, you may notice that the vapor and flavor are not the same. You may also notice that the e-juice in your tank is looking dark. That means it is time to change coils. You will get a feel for it.

Maintenance Tips For E-cigs

improper maintenance is among the common vaping mistakes

You should also take a consider a couple of other maintenance tips for e-cigs. Fully charge your battery on the proper charger for safety and for battery life. Use a cotton swap or paper towel to occasionally swab and clean the threaded connections. You can even clean your tank by taking apart all of the components and washing them in hot or warm water. When you do this, you have to make very sure that the tank base is totally dry before re-assembling and vaping.

So this has become a very long post! Sorry about that. But I did want to help new vapers solve some common vaping mistakes. If you have some tips and tricks that you think might help others please pass them along!






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