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white cloud e-cig

2016 Reviewing The White Cloud E Cig

white cloud e-cig

White Cloud’s e-cig produces billowing plumes of white mist, reminiscent of the cirrus clouds which give the batteries their name. We wish they offered manual batteries and a couple more nicotine levels, but there are no serious criticisms of this e-cig at all.


  • SmoothDraw and StealthDraw technology on cartridges
  • High vapor production
  • Long battery life (Cirrus 3x)white cloud e-cig
  • 4-step battery quality control
  • 3-step cartridge quality control
  • Shotgun tips
  • Squid charger technology
  • Plenty of nicotine levels, with strong options for heavy smokers


  • No manual battery options
  • Large gaps between nicotine levels – not great for gradual reduction

Bottom Line

Complaining about the White Cloud e-cig is pretty much redundant. It could use the option of manual batteries and some additional nicotine levels for people looking to reduce their consumption, but other than that it’s virtually flawless. It offers excellent vapor production, strong cartridges, delicious flavors and long-lasting batteries.

White Cloud Cigarettes: Our Expert Review

Electronic cigarettes have a pretty challenging role to play. To get die-hard smokers to ditch the tar and the barrage of chemicals in tobacco cigarettes, an e-cig needs to offer ample vapor production, a strong throat hit and plenty of the nicotine they crave. White Cloud Cigarettes is one of the best brands of e-cigarette, because their products have a reputation for doing just that. They’ve been featured widely in the media, in high-profile publications like Forbes, and have amassed a loyal following amongst the vaping community, but does the e-cig really deliver?

White Cloud is a Florida-based company founded in 2008. The three co-founders started working as distributors, gaining experience before securing their own factory in China to start producing their own. They’re proud of their Chinese manufacturers, having carefully chosen the highest-quality facilities and subjecting every battery and cartridge to multiple quality checks before they’re shipped to customers. They’re also constantly researching and developing, as well as incorporating feedback from vapers to improve their products. As a result, there are 31 retail stores which carry White Cloud e-cigs.

The Cirrus Variety Starter Kit comes with three batteries (the Cirrus II, 3 and 3X), five cartridges, USB charger and wall adapter. It’s currently priced $79.95, and there are more affordable options if you choose one battery type. You can pick up the Cirrus 3 Kit (named after the three batteries you get) for $69.95, which comes with a three e-cig “Squid” USB charger, with the remainder of the contents being the same as in the Variety kit. Any starter kit is still a considerable investment, though, so it’s well worth finding out more before you make your purchase.

Packaging and Design

The Starter Kit comes in a small cardboard box, with a lid that must be pulled upwards to remove. The more chest-like magnetic opening system is much more efficient, but the goods slip out easily enough if you hold the box without supporting the bottom. The branding is excellent, with a deep navy blue and crisp white color scheme and silver “WC” logos around the sides of the box, the “C” looking like a sharpened sickle-blade. The other kits are more cloud-themed and colorful, but are still very appealing. Inside, the three batteries are nestled in a foam upper layer, and everything else you need is underneath.

Quick look at the Cirrus 3x White Cloud Cigarettes:

The batteries themselves are well-designed, available in either plain white or brushed metal, with no faux-rings in sight. They’re blue and white, with a choice between grey, black and crystal tips, which light up a warm, fiery orange on inhalation. The two-piece design means they’re intuitive to use, screwing together snugly and functioning automatically. Some vapers may prefer manually-operated ones, but if the automatic batteries function well enough this can be forgiven. White Cloud also offers cool skins for your batteries, which come in numerous designs and shrink to size under the heat of a hair drier. Although the skins are just a thin sheet of plastic, they look natural enough when applied, which is perfect for anybody who isn’t inspired by the relatively straightforward aesthetics of the batteries. There’s also the “Phantom” kit, draped in black with matching StealthDraw cartridges.

White Cloud E CigE-cigs review

Electronic Cigarettes • November 5, 2016

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