How To Choose The Right Cheap Electronic Cigarette Wholesale Online

Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews: Green Smoke, NJOY, EverSmoke, etc

Best Vape Shops In America

All of that can cause some new vapers to wonder how they’re ever supposed to identify the best place to try and buy new vaping products. Besides, how is one to even figure out what flavor of e-juice he prefers if there’s no actual physical way to try them out before you buy?To be sure,…

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Do The Vape Shops Obey FDA Regulations

More and more that seems like it might be the case, with vape shops taking the brunt of new FDA regulations that are official as of August 8th.In case you haven’t been up on the news or are new to vaping, the FDA took well over a year to come up with deeming regulation for…

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8 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Atomizer Heads

If you find a brand new atomizer head is only lasting you a few days – rather than the 1 to 2 weeks you can ordinarily get out of them – what’s the problem? Can it be fixed? Here’s a brief guide to getting the most out of your atomizer heads.With tanks of all types…

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Reviewing The Tesla Stealth Mini Starter Kit

Despite the fact that millions of former smokers have now taken up vaping as a healthier alternative, many of the old stigmas that once attached to tobacco products have – for some silly reason – now followed along to the vaping experience.That’s prompted the creation of products like the Tesla Stealth Mini Starter Kit. People…

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Reviewing The Apollo Solare DNA 75 Mod

Each Apollo DNA 75 is unique. Every Solare vape mod has a unique resin or stabilized wood exterior and no two are the same. Each Apollo DNA 75 is unique. Every Solare vape mod has a unique resin or stabilized wood exterior and no two are the same.The Apollo Solare DNA 75 mod is a…

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Heat-Not-Burn iQOS Showing Success

We covered the progress of Philip Morris International’s iQOS a number of times, most recently in late March.Years in the making, the idea of the so-called heat-not-burn cigarette has come to fruition. This isn’t news on its own.  That was when the product first hit stores, in a very limited way, in a few Italian and…

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Firmware Upgrades For Vape Mods

Firmware upgrades for vape mods are now common and an upgradeable mod can give your mod a makeover anytime.Electronic cigarettes are a technology, not a tobacco product. Because they are a technology, a vape mod can become instantly renewed and updated with new vaping technology with the click of a mouse.  So while the overreaching,…

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Vype eTank

Reviewing The Vype eTank

When it comes to e-cigarettes in the UK,Vype is probably the best-known brand. Not only do they offer an affordable product, but they have three different starter kits too! They have an ePen Kit, and eStick kit, and an eTank. The review we offer today is their eTank kit, which overall, we were very impressed…

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Reviewing The Smooth Sub Ohm Tank From Joyetech Ultimo

There is not really a break in period for new coils. The Joyetech Ultimo is a new subohm vape tank from one of the rock star manufacturers in the vaping industry. The vaping is very smooth.The Ultimo surprised with outstanding performance and very long lasting coils.  Another surprising twist was the fact that new coils…

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