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Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews: Green Smoke, NJOY, EverSmoke, etc

ROK review –

ROK review – The Brand Well, for anyone who has any experience with or has researched anything about E-Cigarettes, you will have come across ROK. They are one of the UK market leaders, and have a decent reputation. So I decided to give them a go, having never tried them before myself, but heard good things…

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Nicolites Starter Kit Full Review | Reviewed by Vapers

Nicolites review – The Brand Nicolites, an England Company, was started in Birmingham about six years and has continued to grow steadily over time.  Interestingly, the company has also partnered and become the main official Birmingham City Football Club official partner. As a result, you can anticipate seeing Nicolites adverts as you follow the famous…

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Vape Shops Offer Devices to Medical Marijuana Users, But Are They Selling Out?

Electronic cigarettes are still highly controversial in the United States. People either love them or hate them, but it’s almost always a hot button issue when you bring it up in a crowd. Now vaping is causing even more controversy thanks to ecig store owners that are catering to marijuana users. While no one can…

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Survey Proves Ecigs Do Not Lead Teens to Use Tobacco

Critics of the electronic cigarette industry often claim that ecigs will act as a gateway to tobacco use for teens. However, a new survey is debunking that myth and contradicting many previous reports about how vaping impacts today’s children. In a recent YouGov survey of 11-18 year olds, researchers found that while some teens are…

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Second Hand Ecig Vapor Is Less Harmful Than Normal Exhaled Breath

In a new study from the Spanish Council of Scientific Research, we finally have some answers to the many questions about second hand ecig vapor. Lawmakers have been banning ecigs in public places across the United States because they claim that we just can’t be sure about the risks from second hand vapor exposure. Now…

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National Park Service Issues New Ban on Vaping

Since 2003, smoking has been outlawed indoors and across many outdoor areas owned by the National Park Service. But this week, a new ecig ban was announced that has left many vapers feeling frustrated. According to Director Jonathan Jervis, the National Park Service is outlawing electronic cigarettes in all places where smoking is already prohibited….

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Study Shows Genetics Could Make You More Vulnerable to Nicotine Addiction

Do you remember the first time you tried nicotine? When you smoked your first cigarette, did you enjoy it or were you immediately turned off? A new study from John Hopkins University School of Medicine investigated why people have such different reactions to their first nicotine exposures and the results might surprise you. It turns…

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Man Blames Exploding Ecig For Massive Burns, But His Ecig Was Not the Real Cause

It was a horrifying moment for 21-year-old Christopher Robran when he looked down and realized his pants were on fire. Now Robran is blaming his electronic cigarette for the second and third degree burns he suffered, but if you listen closely to the story, you will realize the ecig wasn’t actually to blame at all….

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10 motives E-Cigarette Full Review | Don’t buy before reading this!

Based in Sand batch, Cheshire, 10 Motives is well known for distributing rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes. The company does not only distribute electronic cigarettes but it also refills cartomisers, sell electronic cigarettes among other electronic cigarettes accessories. The three electronic brands being marketed and distributed by 10 motives are i-Vape, Menthol Rechargeable and Regular…

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